Time for BRAG OF THE WEEK. What have you accomplished this week? (I have a feeling I know for some of you…)

Writing or otherwise, let’s get to know each other better.


Pat yourself on the back in the comments section below.



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20 thoughts on “Time for BRAG OF THE WEEK. What have you accomplished this week? (I have a feeling I know for some of you…)

  1. Well… my 17 year old work in progress, which languished at 13,000 words for a long time, was unearthed at the beginning of the month… and this week I managed to push that word count to over 50,000!!! I think a little brag is necessary!!!

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  2. I won a writing contest. But the real accomplishment for me was getting it out there. I know you all know what it means to be scared of rejection. I also made it through my first two days with 28 fourth graders.

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    1. It’s hard to say which is the greater accomplishment.

      I can’t wait to read the rest your story and I’m sure it’s going to make a terrific novel. Lots and lots and lots of people are going to read it and enjoy it, and you don’t get to feel that kind of satisfaction until you do it, which goes to your earlier point – you can’t enjoy it if you don’t put yourself out there and risk it.

      You were able to do the first part so you’re going to enjoy the second part. Great job.

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  3. Won some recognition in a writing contest, but while I was waiting to hear about that, I discovered that my fair amateur photography won the Reserve Best of Show, two Best of Class ribbons, three First Place awards, two Second Place awards, and two Honorable Mention ribbons! Took me three years to break through the usual suspects to win those ten awards this time around, and I’m as happy as a busy bee on a Spring Tulip!!!

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  4. I wrote a new story for my collaborative work, the follow-up to our first effort, Dickon’s Diaries. We hope to publish around Christmas time, so we need to get a move on! It is in diary form, composed of anecdotes, so fun to write, but it’s the ideas that can be a problem – we don’t want to get samey! πŸ™‚

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