Any thoughts on a TITLE for the scary anthology?

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I had one but then I forgot it.

Recently we discussed images for the cover art for our Scary Anthology.


Oh, now I remember:


The Unquiet Earth


That’s it. That’s all I’ve got so far.

I toyed around the thought of naming it after synonyms for graveyard:

  • necropolis

  • bone yard (I think S. King took that already)

  • charnel house

  • God’s acre

Charnel house, or just charnel, had some intrigue to it. Mr. Charnel’s Collection,

or The Box Under Mr. Charnel’s Bed. Maybe just The Box Under The Bed.


What about you? Any ideas?

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65 thoughts on “Any thoughts on a TITLE for the scary anthology?

  1. I like the Mr Charnel angle, also the box under the bed. I’ve got ‘Dark’ in my head, for some reason – The Dark Side? Dark Imaginings? DarkBox? I don’t know. If I think of any more I’ll pop back.

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    1. I know everyone’s anxious but between selecting the contest winners and the marketing for the new book, I’ve barely started looking at the anthology stories.

      If anyone hasn’t heard back yet, don’t take that as a bad omen.

      Lucy, Jenny and Allison have stories I’ve read and which are going in. So does Jennifer. A few others, too, so far – and that leaves a LOT to read.

      I’m sure we have many good stories that have been sent in that I haven’t gotten to yet.

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    1. We may have touched a nerve.

      I just wonderโ€ฆ If there’s no story called that, or no story that features a box under the bed, do readers feel disappointed?

      Or do we somehow explain the box under the bed is a metaphor for these stories; the stories are the box under the bed?


  2. The Box Under The Bed is nicely sinister and we all know you should never look under the bed.
    Just throwing this is because it bounced into my head and won’t go away
    ‘When Even The Dawn Does Not Bring Comfort’

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    1. Nice tag line.

      In fact, I was thinking we probably need to have a tagline like that. 20 stories from 20 authors that will scare you silly. Even the dawn will not bring comfort. Something like that.

      After the title, of course.

      And then I guess we list everybody’s names?

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      1. Thanks. Glad to help.
        I agree a good scary story will keep you jittery for days.
        Ray Bradbury’s October Country was a disturbing collection of his short stories, and some of them were just day to day events from a bleak perspective.

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  3. I had thought of something to do with “bones” and “cold eyes”–or something along those lines as part of a title. Sometimes choosing a title is hard!

    “The Graveyard’s Cold Eyes” just popped into my head as a possible title just now. ๐Ÿ˜›

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    1. Tithes ARE hard.

      That’s s cool title, though.

      We were watching “Shakespeare in love” the other night and he and the other playwright would always get together and talk and admire the titles of each other’s plays. Good title. Ethel an the pirate King. Good title!

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  4. Or what about a quote or partial quote from Poe? Or anyone else appropriate?

    E.g: Heart Be Still
    Quoth the Raven
    Stillness Broken
    By Horror Haunted
    Shadows on the Floor

    These are from The Raven (the last slightly changed), but you see what I mean.

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  5. Good evening Dan. Ive finally had an opportunity to incorporate the changes you suggested. Please take a moment to check my story out and let me know what I can do now to put me one step closer to publishing. Thank you, Rochelle Harris

    On Mon, Aug 14, 2017 at 4:02 AM, Dan Alatorre – AUTHOR wrote:

    > Dan Alatorre AUTHOR posted: ” I had one but then I forgot it. Recently we > discussed images for the cover art for our Scary Anthology. Oh, now I > remember: The Unquiet Earth That’s it. That’s all I’ve got so far. I > toyed around the thought of naming it after sy” >

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  6. Just a thought but if you’re leaning towards the eyeball cover how about something like Eyes See You – which when read quickly sounds like ‘I see you’ which could mean some bad bogey man is watching us, waiting to jump out and scare us to bits with all the stories in this anthology. Or it could literally mean lots of horrible eyes which see us when we’re reading the scary stories but when we look round… they’re gone! It’s getting late here and I’m tired. Can you tell?

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    1. So far I think the title that has gotten the most attention has been “box under the bed” or something like that, and the image that seems to have gotten the most attention has been the eyeball. And even though those two things don’t necessarily go together, you can see it as the box under the bed being the thing that is scaring the girl and she’s making the eyeball face. Something like that.

      At any rate, we aren’t finalized on anything yet!

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  7. I wonder if anyone who’s not been privy to the planning will think ‘Box Under the Bed’ is actually scary… It doesn’t hit me that way personally. I have several unscary boxes under my bed. LOL And while something with ‘Charnal’ is cool, I doubt most people know that word or that it has anything to do with graveyards. If you decide to go the box route, what about an intricate, creepy box under the bed with the lid partially open and an eye peering out? ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the great work!

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    1. Aha, good point. Well, l I am often alone in my thinking, but if we have the eyeball AND a box under a bed, that’ll solve that. Like the eyeball on the top half of the cover and then the title, then the box under the bed. But I’m thinking if it’s listed as horror or scary or whatever and it says Box Under The Bed, then it probably works. But that’s why we have discussions. I’ve put forth bad titles on stuff before!

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