First lady of the keys, a real time review – part four

4 “Showdown At Sprocket Gate,” and more…

I don’t want to name every single chapter but I do kind of need to let you know where I am on occasion.

Porter girl is now headed back to the crypt, I believe.

Well, and this is the first long chapter. I read the first thirty pages on my phone via e-book; but my good friend had sent me the paperback so I am now reading it that way. The font is slightly on the small side, so the chapters appear maybe a little shorter than they would otherwise, but this one is six pages long – easily the longest one yet.
And that makes me wonder:

what is waiting for us in the crypt???

But I can’t ruin the surprise, can I? So I won’t. I’ll just let you know whether I enjoyed the ride or not. 

One quick note – her humor is rampant throughout the story. Barely a few paragraphs go by, if that, without some sort of witty rejoinder.
To that end, she mentions a trap door opening with unexpected ease: “All the films you see about people heaving open ancient secret doors in a cloud of dust and accompanied by dramatic creaking and groaning have somewhat let me down.” So… when that happens in The Water Castle, do I rewrite it now? Or do I leave it as what is apparently a cliche?

As PorterGirl would say, bugger!

At the end of this chapter, some questions are answered but more are asked.
The mystery continues. Onward!

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