First lady of the keys, a real-time review – part five

5 “Private Eye” and more

Although we’ve settled into the story, and PorterGirl has settled into Old College, she is still learning new things so are we, too. 
This next observation didn’t just appear at this point in the story; it’s been going on for a while, and it is this: I’m not sure if the “class” system is dead in the UK or not, but it certainly appears to be alive and well at Old College. PorterGirl constantly refers to herself as a servant, as do some people in other occupations. The conversations had with them and people in other, supposedly higher, positions are structured so that it’s obvious one group of people is constantly talking down to the other ones.

Can’t say I care for it.

That doesn’t mean it’s bad writing, it means it’s good writing. I don’t think you are supposed to care for it.

Ha. And her little tea charade in the “Private Eye” chapter ends in a nice surprise.

“It takes A Thief”
This chapter is short but once again ends in a perfect style: asking a question that we must read on to answer.

This appears effortless, so I will have to ask Lucy at some point whether it was, but it’s very well done.

Then next chapter ends in a bit of disappointment. But PorterGirl was disappointed, too.
Red herring? Or setting up something else for later?

We will have to read on to find out!

And that’s a good thing because we are only 25% of the way through!

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12 thoughts on “First lady of the keys, a real-time review – part five

    1. A famous author once said when something looks effortless you can bet a lot of effort went into it.

      I remember from numerous blog posts in Facebook comments that you were ready to pull your hair out at times, but to your credit you hung in there – in the result was worth it.

        1. It shows. You should be very proud of this book. And, with most writers we improve with each story, so I think the next one will no doubt be even better. Can’t wait to start it.

          Sadly I do not have a signed paperback. Guess I forgot to grab one from you when I was there. Must’ve been distracted.

          1. I am proud of this book, but the second one is much better, in my opinion. I’ll get a signed copy of each out to you as soon as I get some more of the second one in.

              1. Is your copy of the first one signed? I can’t remember. I will make sure you have a signed copy of both books.
                I’m around Friday afternoon if you are free for a video interview. No worries of not, we will sort something soon.

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