First lady of the keys, a real-time review – part 6

6 “The Committee for the Prevention of Drunken Behavior”

I already like this chapter just from its title. 

Lucy is way funnier than I thought. Is that insulting? It’s not meant to be.

I knew she was funny; I didn’t know she was this funny.

This is a funny chapter, as you may have surmised from my constant use of the word funny.
Oh, and it’s a real committee. Hilarious.

“Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the Bible says love thy enemy.”

Brilliant, even if she does say Frank Sinatra said it first.

And as she has been describing how Old College goes about its business, one thing I wondered about was things like email and cell phones. She deals with that question pretty directly here:
“You’d think an email would be the more obvious approach; Old College prefers the personal touch.”
To me, this again underscores somebody who will relatively quickly become disillusioned with this job and leave. Whether that happens or not, I do not know. But that is on my mind, that Portergirl will decide she is not happy at Old College.
There are many laugh-out-loud moments in this book, and I didn’t mention it until now because I didn’t want you to be expecting to laugh out loud in chapter 1 and then be disappointed if you didn’t; but you will by the end of this chapter!
At least I did. If you didn’t, you’d better check for a pulse. From the recovery position.
The next chapter mentions a meal being interrupted, “the full English.” I assume that’s an English breakfast which includes stuff like beans and sausage and fried tomatoes, but I’m going to suggest a British to American /American to British translation guide in the back of any upcoming revised editions. I’ll help. I’m somewhat of an expert on British – American interplay at this point.
Lucy met me. Maybe she can attest to that.

And here’s another Harry Potter similarity: PorterGirl is still on campus on Christmas Eve, like Ron and Harry were.

An elaborate snug? What’s that?

And at last, another – possibly THE – mystery!

I’m loving this book.

“Resolutions and Revelations”
Uh oh, professor Fox is mentioned – and the mere utterance of his vane gives our PorterGirl an inner warmth.
And another notice that Head Porter is not to be trusted.
And another Hmm moment is this:

“The thing with ghosts, I find, is that it doesn’t matter if you believe in them or not, they go about their business all the same.”

What a great line!
And like PorterGirl, I end the chapter with more questions than I began it with.


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