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Your humble host.
your humble host

Occasionally on the blog we will talk with one of our author friends, gaining valuable insights into their behind the scene world. Today we meet with Marje Mallon of Kyrosmagica, a magical place and a magical person.


And what exactly IS Kyrosmagica?

Well, in Marje’s words: “Kyrosmagica is all about the magic of writing, my love of books, crystals,  laughter, and much, much, more!”

And for the “more” let’s talk to her!

Join me in welcoming Marje to the blog!

  1. Dan: As always, right to business: what is the working title of your next book?
marje 6
Marje, of Kyrosmagica

The Curse of Time. I’m intending writing a trilogy, probably with the full title: The Curse of Time – The Bloodstone. Followed by The Curse of Time – the Golden Healer. I haven’t decided on the name for book three, as I haven’t started writing it yet.


2. Where did the idea come from for the book?

Lots of places, a black cat muse, art, crystals, reading Dorian Gray, and the crazy workings of my imagination on lunatic overdrive.

3. What makes you so damn interesting ?

Ha ha…. I’ve very secretive, being a Scorpio you never really know what I’m up to… And my Chinese Zodiac sign is a rabbit, so I hop about a lot, and get distracted loads, but tend to be creative, compassionate, family centred, and friendly.

4. What’s something most readers would never guess about you?

I just started working at Ann Summers. It is the most unusual job I have ever had. In fact I’m pretty sure I could write a blog about what happens every day, and perhaps I should start a new website to dedicate to it. Something on the lines of: From menswear John Lewis, to Lingerie Rigby and Peller, thereafter… Sex toys, Lingerie and More: Ann Summers… my fascinating journey.

5. Besides writing, what are your favorite things to do?

marje 1I love reading, travelling, socialising, going to the beach – I love the sun – visiting art galleries, and museums. When I get the chance I really enjoy going to the theatre or seeing a good film. I admire folk who have no fear, who are adrenaline junkies, skiers, bungee jumpers, etc. But, I prefer to watch rather than join in! LOL!!

6. What’s the strangest place you’ve gotten a great story idea?

Describe in detail. Inquiring minds want to know! I wrote a story about a bubble bath once. It wasn’t a literary masterpiece but it was fun and it amused me. 5 photos 5 days Challenge – Serenas Bubble Monster

7. How did you choose the genre you write in? Or did it choose you?

Fantasy, magical realism, it definitely chose me! I love exploring a world that is a little different from my own but not too different that I can’t recognise where I am.

8. I hear you have some very exciting news! Can you share it with us?

I have permission to use the extraordinary Corpus Christi images on my book cover. Woop, Woop. More about that here: The Curse of Time – Pre Publication News

marje 0

9. What do you do for cover art? Do you do it yourself, hire an artist (you can name names if you liked them), or purchase pre-made?

Planning on using Wendy Darling who has already done some preliminary work for me: Wendy Anne Darling – Bookxeedo Book Covers

10. How has you experience with editors been (you can name names if you liked you editor)?

Colleen Chesebro started off beta editing for me but ended up taking me under her fairy wings and doing more of a mentoring/extensive editing. She is the most wonderful person ever. Love her. Also like to shout out about, Graeme Cumming who also beta read for me. He’s ace. The blogging community is awesome.

11. Plotter? Or Pantser? And prepare to defend your position!

marje 2Terrible pantser, I write by imagination alone and then end up in a plot hole disaster and have to rock climb out of it on unsteady footing! Hope to avoid this in future because it ends up such an imaginative mess. But, I’m not a youngster anymore and I tend to be very resistant to change.

12. What advice can you give new authors?

Read, read, read, and write, write, write. Don’t give up, keep on trying, if you have the passion you will eventually get there. Just hope I get there before you… LOL, only joking.

13. What’s a good writing secret or time management secret?

Go away for a writing weekend to your favourite haunt to recharge your batteries every now and then. I did this one year, I went to Brighton and it was wonderful. I would love to do it again.

14. What inspires you?

So many things inspire me. Life inspires me. I can’t go anywhere nowadays without seeing what a wonderful world we live in. Ah, sigh. I just wish that the politicians would take that walk too and stop being such twats.

“…I broke a bone in my foot. But, the paramedic was so handsome…”

– Marje Mallon

15. What’s your favorite social media?

Twitter, Instagram, but seem to be spending more time on FB, trying to promote my new Rainbow Support Club, a collaborative, friendly community of Authors/Bloggers/Book Reviewers: Authors/Bloggers Rainbow Support Club

16. Do you have author friends (in person or online you confide in and share ideas with? Feel free to name names.

I have many author friends some of whom I have met in person via The Bloggers Bash which is an annual event held in London: the gang of four organisers are: Sacha Black, Hugh Roberts, Geoff Le Pard, Ali Isaac, and fellow bashers: Esther Newton, Graeme Cumming, Helen Jones,  Lucy Mitchell, Sherri Matthews, to name a few. All the members of my Rainbow Support Club, (including fellow administrators, Colleen Chesebro, Debby Gies,) huge supporter of indie authors Sally Cronin, and lover of books: Jennifer Marston. I have collaborated with Samantha Murdoch, who is a real gem. Samantha has a wonderful blog about cats and crystals and owns a beautiful black cat called Lily who models for the black cat that features in my book. These are just a few of the many lovely bloggers and authors I count as friends. Via blogging, I have experienced a wealth of support, and friendship. I have been so fortunate.

17. How many story ideas are in your “good ideas” file? What are some of them?

“I am a complete and utter writing butterfly. I tend to flit from one thing to another. So I have a fair amount of unfinished writing.”

– Marje Mallon

My biggest projects are my dad’s life story, (he travelled extensively to the Far East, Middle East, Pacific region, Caribbean, and Africa,) a middle grade fantasy set in Edinburgh exploring Chinese New Year, which features a dragon, a couple of unfinished picture books, and lots of attempts at poetry. I am very proud that at long last I seem to be on the verge of completing The Curse Of Time.

18. Do you hate cats?

What, no!!! I love cats. Even black witch’s cats, and dogs, but I’m not too keen on big dogs with pronounced fangs who bite.

19. What’s a favorite quote of anyone besides you, and one from you? 

My motto is:

Always Do What You LOVE, Stay True to Your Heart’s Desires, Remain YOUNG At Heart, And Inspire Others To Do So Too, Even If It Appears The Odds Are Stacked Against You Like Black-Hearted Shadows.  

My favourite quotes are so many and varied that I’ve listed them on my About Me page: Kyrosmagica About Me Page: Quotes.

20. What traits of your own parents do you think you have inherited?

I have inherited my father’s love of travel, and his respect of other cultures, and my mother’s love of Asian food. I am very easy going and love to meet people from differing walks of life. I get very upset by racial, sexual, and religious discrimination.

21. Where was the most memorable or unusual place you ever traveled?

Papua New Guinea – (they have tribes, and quirky items in their museums,) Fiji – (there were shark attacks, and biting dogs,) Malaysia – (my mother’s home,) and Singapore (my birthplace.)

22. Have you ever broken a bone but been surprised by a pleasant journey in an ambulance, which was then followed by a second near disaster?

marje 9Yes, I broke a bone in my foot. But, the paramedic was so handsome that I only needed a tiny bit of gas and air on the way to the hospital. Then someone in a wheelchair nearly backed into my poor foot at the hospital.

23. How do you want people to remember you after you are gone?

She didn’t bother flossing her teeth daily because her life was too full of fun.


To explore the KYROSMAGICA blog and Marje’s world, check out her links:

Updated 8/20/2017: NEW LINKS!

new author ones –






Thanks to Marje for dropping by! We enjoy getting writerly insights and learning different processes. This was especially fun. Cheers!

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29 thoughts on “Author Profile: 23 Questions With Marje from Kyrosmagica

  1. Yeah! Great interview and Marje, lovely to learn more about you! Congratulations on being given permission to use Corpus Christi image on your book – wow, that is an honour indeed! You’re a great friend to everyone here on WP!

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  2. Wonderful interview, Dan. So nice to learn more about you, Marje. I too was born in the Year of the Rabbit. We’re in great company with Albert Einstein! Did you know that in the Vietnamese Zodiac, the cat replaces the rabbit? Like you, I love cats. Perhaps we’re soul sisters 🙂 💖

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