Insightful Interview of Dan Alatorre on “Writing To Be Read” – Learn Important Stuff! (Probably)

Check me out! About a year ago, the fine folks at Writing To Be Read were kind enough to talk to me about my latest books and also my writing habits, plus I pass along some insights into the writing world.

This is one of the best interviews I’ve done, and in it I share insights many new authors need to know.

Plus, I sound pretty good in this!

writing to be read interview

By far, this is my most involved, educational interview I’ve even done, You really should read it if you want to write books.

Here are a few samples, and the rest is over at Writing To Be Read.

Today, I have have a real treat for you on Writing to be Read. My interview today is with a very funny guy, who is a successful independent author. He’s a family man, with a background in business, so book marketing and promotion is just another part of the  job for him. He’s got two books which have both been recently released, Poggibonsi: An Italian Misadventure? and The Navigators, which we will learn more about right here.

Dan has so much to share with us that I’m going to structure this interview a bit differently than I have on interviews in the past.

  • The first part will allow us to get to know Dan a little as a person.

  • The second part will delve into his marketing knowledge, followed up with

  • the last section which will probe into his writing techniques, what writing means to him and questions on craft. 

So, without further ado, let me introduce to you, independent author Dan Alatorre.

Dan’s insights on family and writing

Kaye: You are a family man, Dan. What are your secrets for juggling writing with family?

Dan: I think if you are a writer you need to prepare yourself for the inevitable “you spend too much time on the computer” conversation/argument.

On doing and conducting interviews

Anyway, one of the best interviews I ever did was when Jenny and Allison interviewed me for the release of The Navigators. We set up a three-way video call that we recorded. That was really a lot of fun.

The interview that hands-down was the funniest interview I ever did was interviewing the author of the bestseller The Fourth Descendant for a trilogy she was releasing called Project Renovatio. We probably spent two hours doing the interview and we probably laughed hysterically for one hour and 50 minutes of it. The 10 minutes when we weren’t laughing is most of what we used for the interview.

On choosing a book cover

Anyway, when you have good success you have to look if you can make bigger success. Sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes the answer is no… I am very fortunate they’ve (my cover designers) done a terrific job, too! Look at how eye catching The Navigators cover is. That’s all part of it, making your book stand out. I’ve been very fortunate to work with so many skilled people.

On where I draw inspiration for my stories

I was talking to an author friend of mine the other day and I was explaining to her that she was very creative in setting up a new world or a situation that is different from our current existence. I, on the other hand, have taken things that we are all very familiar with and looked at them from a very, very different view point. I’ve never tried to create a fantasy world like she has. So my complement to her was how creative she is at that, and she’s great storyteller in addition. My complement to myself was that I can take things that everybody knows and all of a sudden they are questioning everything about it and laughing their butts off or crying their eyes out or being scared to death of these things that they already knew.

Plotter versus Pantser (I am SUCH a plotter!)

Having a goal and having a destination, that will help you finish your story. I think 90% of writers block and unfinished stories happens because of the lack of an outline.

But again, it is not locking you in a cage, it is simply directing your creativity. Having an outline does not stifle your creativity, it directs it.

This is one of the most in depth, insightful interviews I’ve ever done.

Head over to Writing To Be Read and read it all. You’ll be glad you did.

If you are a new writer or have questions about the process, this will give you a few years of information in one interview.

Read it now and please leave a comment over there! Retweet, like, and share her post! Spread the word!

Thanks to Kaye at Writing To Be Read for giving me the opportunity and space to share these views! She’s the best!

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