What Do YOU Think?

I’m interested in getting your thoughts about stuff I see and hear, quotes I read, stuff that passes as knowledge – and starting an authorey conversation.


Sad but true. People will understand pain if you’re honest about it. It will move them to tears.

What are YOUR thoughts on this idea?

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35 thoughts on “What Do YOU Think?

      1. I am mostly thinking about food, at the moment. Like a lovely big steak. I think about steak a lot. Luckily, there are quite a few steakhouses in Cambridge. I am going to London tomorrow and really hope to be getting a steak. I have no steak at home right now, but later I will have wine, so that will have to do. Also I really like underwear that you don’t have to iron. Also steak and cheese.
        These are my thoughts.

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        1. Ideally they would have been thoughts on the topic.

          Iron your underwear? Do people do that? Is underwear different over there, like napkins and fannies mean different stuff?

          As for steak… well, everybody needs a steak once in a while. I can see how a young lady such as yourself might be longing for a good piece of meat. Here, it’s 6am. That might be early for steak but some people like steak and eggs for breakfast.

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          1. I always iron my underwear! I don’t want crinkly fabric next to my lady area. But recently I got some new shiny-type underwear that doesn’t crinkle and is also much softer, so that’s great. What is a napkin in American? Here, it is a little piece of cloth you wipe your mouth with. No need to go into fannies… I mean… you know what I mean.
            Steak and eggs is a fine breakfast, especially with a tomato and maybe a side of bacon. Also spinach. A good bit of meat is suitable for any time of the day.
            I shall try to keep my thoughts on topic, but they usually wander to food and underwear. Sorry about that.

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            1. Well, the topic was “suffering” so if you’re hungry that counts.

              I can’t get past this “ironing your underwear” thing. I can’t imagine what kind of underwear you have to iron in the first place. I mean, crinkly or not underwear is usually pretty soft stuff so it’s not like being crinkly is going to make it difficult to wear – but I could be wrong

              I think it’s safe to say I have never ironed underwear in my life.

              We may have to take a poll. How many people are in their underwear? What the heck kind of underwear are you ironing? Do you start? Because that would be suffering! Starchy underwear would definitely cross the discomfort threshold.

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              1. I tell you, if I absolutely have to put clothes on my behind they had better be smooth and flat! I am going to tell my mum right now that you don’t iron your underwear. Her illusions will be shattered.

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                1. I’m kind of anti-ironing. I send my shirts out but that’s about where the ironing ends.

                  Really, though, now I’m wondering if lots of people do this. What a terrible way to start your morning, slaving over a hot iron just so you can put on your pants. It’s not right.

                  Oh, and autoCorrect really butchered my last reply. It was supposed to say starch not start, among other things. I should really proofread!

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                  1. I do all mine in one go and then take them from their drawer each morning, nice and crisp! I might be quite rare in ironing my pants, although all my family do it. My nan says you have to do it in case you get hit by a car, but I’m not quite sure what protection it would offer. It might be because the emergency services might see them and think badly of you. As an ex-police officer, I can confirm that we do mock the underwear of victims sometimes, so maybe she has a point.
                    Autocorrect is a bugger. The other day I wrote an email to ‘Heather’ but it changed it to heathen!

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                    1. See, there’s the problem. When I think underwear, I don’t want to think crisp. That should refer to cereal, not underwear. I don’t want my underwear crispy.

                      Clean, yes. Soft, absolutely.


                      I’d have to see what that is, I guess. Lack of wrinkles is a good thing. Usually.

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  1. Hi, Dan. Patty, and her ever faithful Super Seeing Eye Dog King Campbell A.K.A. Bubba here! Posting from the Hospital! (Yeah, finally went and got sick!) Anyhow, this is what I think.

    I think, that lots of times, what you say here, is true, and then again I don’t.

    The reason I don’t think it’s always true is this, I went through a horrific thing. It caused me, for a while, to turn into something, and someone I’d never been, and hope to never be again.

    That something I went through was painful in not just a physical way, but an emotional one as well.However, when I told about it, in hopes those I’d pushed away due to turning into the, something, and someone, I’d never been, would understand and forgive, they did not understand at all, furthermore, they did not care to even try.

    So, tell your stories authors, cause there are lots of great people reading, understanding, and caring, but don’t believe they all will, else you’ll find yourself, in the words of King Campbell, A.K.A. Bubba, from Bubba Tails From the Puppy Nursery At The Seeing Eye, “Lost and afraid.”

    Great post. I reblogged on http://campbellsworld.wordpress.com/

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    1. I’m sorry you went through that.

      I think in some respects it implies without bad things you don’t really have good things. That you have to have something to contrast so you can appreciate the good.

      I also think it means if you have been through a bad time or a range of emotions, it tends to make you a better person if you survive it, and if you can as a writer convey that to others, you are blessed with more depth of range and larger palate of emotions from which to paint your story.

      Many of these Memes I agree with, but not all. Often I take something from a famous author and put it out there to start a conversation. You are always allowed to disagree! If everybody agrees, it gets to be quite boring.


  2. Whew! What was the question? After reading the thread between you and Lucy Brazier I’m still stuck on ironing. Underwear, uh no. Come to think of it, I’m not sure where my iron is at the moment. Been that long since I ironed anything. Wonder where that thing is? I’m sure I have one here somewhere. Be right back.

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  3. ironing, nooooooooooo. The quote, hmmm it’s one of those I just roll my eyes at. You can be blessed without suffering and you can suffer without being blessed. God, I’m being worse than the quote. lol

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  4. I would say that the musings that are mentioned in the post you’ve published is really good. It is probably relevant for a lot of readers and it would certainly give great interest to writers as well. It would certainly give quite a bit of resonance by a long way.

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