Limited Number of Beta Readers Wanted For An Angel On Her Shoulder – QUANTITIES LIMITED!

This is a mock-up cover. Those eyes are gonna go. Or are they??? SEE? Beta readers help with stuff like that.

If you subscribed to my newsletter and didn’t get it last week, check your spam folder. And really, think about that. I’m going to your spam folder? Really?



I gave a very limited number of newsletter subscribers the chance to be first in line to give beta feedback on my paranormal thriller, An Angel On Her Shoulder. (Check out two sample chapters of Angel HERE; request to be a beta reader for Angel HERE)

This story totally kicks ass. I guarantee, you will love it.

Some of the most memorable characters I’ve ever written are in this book, and it has twists and turns you won’t expect. (Typically awesome Dan story, really.)

By being a selected to be among the few beta reader for Angel, they are part of my authorey process:

  • They get to read the whole novel before anybody else,

  • They get to read it for free (always nice), and also

  • They get to have some input!

It’s kind of a big deal. (Read more about what I ask of a Beta Reader HERE)


Since YOU are a valued reader of the blog, you did not miss out.


Because a SELECT FEW of you will also be given the chance to be a beta reader for Angel.

I said you’d be given preferential treatment for being a loyal follower of the blog, and this is part of it. (Other parts are free stuff I give away, like my cookbook Dan Alatorre’s All American Favorites – grab a free copy now from Ammy, and please leave a review if you do. If you follow my Amazon author page, they’ll notify you when my stuff goes on sale – which it might without notice over the next few weeks. Just sayin’. See, the skimmers missed that. Now they’re pissed off twice. Don’t skim!

Now, here’s the thing.

If you have been a beta reader for me before, you go to the head of the line – not because you said stuff I wanted to hear, but because you gave valuable feedback. That’s the key. There’s a list of things I ask my betas and it helps me make the best story I can make. Not all of them like it. That’s important to hear, too.

Also if you have been a loyal commenter on the blog, you will also go to the head of the line. See? Interacting has its benefits. I pay attention. Probably.

Also also, if you notice, I’m pretty nice about giving you guys publicity in the way of author interviews and profiles and stuff – a chance for you to network and meet other people who can help you. That’s just information, really. That has nothing to do with being a beta reader. I get rambly sometimes.

Okay! So!

This time, your role as a beta is even more important.

As if that were possible. I love my betas.

I will have some questions about a few areas I want to tweak, and reader input will be critical here. Obviously, I can’t tell you what they are right here, but your input will shape those critical areas.

Betas play an important role, and if you don’t use them, you should.

So if you wanna be a beta reader for An Angel On Her Shoulder, my kick ass paranormal thriller that you are gonna love, use the Contact Me button and let me know. Seats are limited and when I get my number, it’s over. Don’t cry. There’ll be another book for you to read soon. But I wouldn’t wait, you know? It’s still gonna be a while. I’m only human.

Of course, if you let me go to your spam folder, you’ll miss out on that one, too. 

Your humble host.
your humble host

Dan Alatorre is the author of several bestsellers and the hilarious new romance novel “Poggibonsi: an italian misadventure.”

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12 thoughts on “Limited Number of Beta Readers Wanted For An Angel On Her Shoulder – QUANTITIES LIMITED!

    1. It works pretty well, and I really love the feedback.

      If you want to request some beta readers like in a month or so for some store you were working on, let me know and maybe we can set it up! I don’t put out enough stories in a year to keep my readers engaged all 12 months. I would put some kind of notice here or in my newsletter for some other authors. That way there might be something for my readers of the newsletter every month – some sort of new story to check out. That adds value to them and benefits you.


    1. Sure!

      You can do whatever you want. You were there when I was posting chapters of this, and I have not changed anything since then, really.

      I also intend to use you as a testimonial at the beginning of the story for additional beta readers, as soon as I get around to asking you to write a testimonial…

      And then you will be featured in the front matter when the book publishers.

      So you can read it as a beta reader if you want or not. Totally your call!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I guess that is what I was trying to say, but you said it so much better. Since I have already read it… I can wait for the testimonial part. But it would be fun to read it again too. Oh hell, send it and I’ll pretend I’ve not read it yet.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. To be fair, the way you read it is different from how you will read it now. Yes, you know what’s coming – but you had to wait a day between chapters. That affects what you recall and how fast the scenes transition, etc. You may find things about it you don’t like now that you can read all the chapters straight through, as opposed to before. Or you may find it much more fluid. And it’s been a few months. That affects things.

          Either way, be my guest!

          Liked by 1 person

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