The audio book process – have a listen

This is part of what you get to do when you create an audio book – listen to lots and lots of people audition for the chance to bring your characters to life.

Who does it well?

Who does what’s in your head? (Really, nobody will do that.)

Check these out and give me your thoughts.




It’s fun to hear different voice actors bring your story to life, and each does it a different way.

New authors often wait months to get someone to audition; I wait minutes – if that – and in the marketing book 25 Great eBook Marketing Tips You Wish You Knew (it’s FREE; click HERE) I explain how to get YOUR book noticed by narrators quickly, too. Don’t wait for auditions, have them chomping at the bit to read for you.

Featured Image -- 12692Let me know if you like any of these!

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8 thoughts on “The audio book process – have a listen

  1. Um…I don’t love any of them. But if forced to choose, I’d say the first one. The second one sounds like he’s reading Shakespeare (like he’s trying to hard to act) and the third is WAY too base-y for my taste.

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  2. I agree with the girls. The last guy scared me. I thought they all read too slowly but is that the way it usually goes? I don’t listen to books so have a weak point of reference.

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    1. No. It’s kind of a three bears scenario. Some are too high some are too low, some are too fast some are too slow. Eventually one is just right.

      But it shows how different people interpret what you wrote!


  3. Although he hams it a bit, the second one edges it over the first, who might sound better on a short extract but is too downbeat for a whole book. The third really overdoes it, but it’s important to have different voices or accents for the different characters. They’re all a bit on the slow side, though.

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  4. The third one reminds me of an old record player I had. We’d play our 33RPMs on 16. This was particularly hilarious with the Mary Poppins soundtrack….

    OK, guess you had to be there.

    But – side note – did you know that if you played the Chipmunks at a lower RPM, they sounds like ACTUAL PEOPLE? Childhood RUINED.

    Second side note: No one under the age of 30 has any idea what I’m talking about, do they?

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