How We Doin’?

after a while it works

My WP Stats for 2015 vs 2016, year to date

I know. Yawn. Stay with me, there’s a payoff. (YOU WANT YOUR BLOG TO BE DOING THIS)

22,600 views for all of 2015
19,970 already in 2016 => 34,000 for 2016, a 50% increase

8,800 visitors in all of 2015
6,987 so far in 2016 => 12,000 for 2016, also a 50% increase

2.5 views per visitor in 2015
2.8 in 2016
Viewers are staying longer and reading more = better content, I hope

306 posts published in 2015, 266 already in 2016
more content = more views. Makes sense


In 2014 I only had 124 visitors. In 2013 I only had 35! (But to be fair I started the blog in August 2013)


So, if you do the stuff I tell you to do, it eventually works. It’s not magic. It’s persistence. And hard work (well… it’s not that hard). And maybe a little bit of magic in the way of personality – which people say I have, and which YOU do, too.

headshot bw 2Work it. Use what I tell ya. 

You can do it.

I’ll help.


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