OK, I’m back from vacation and I just have one question…

Did anybody write anything last week?
Not just on the Soul Mates story, but at all?

Tell me what you accomplished last week as far as writing goes. Even if it’s just an email to your cat.

I got some interesting stuff done.  Did a few video shows and listened to auditions for my audiobook version if The Navigators. A new idea for a story and some progress on an existing one. And collected a few hundred seashells. But bottom line, I need to market my current novel and edit the one that’s already written and waiting to be published. 

What about you?

36 thoughts on “OK, I’m back from vacation and I just have one question…

  1. Well, Dan, apart from sending you an advance copy of my brand spanking new novel I have been pulling together the most audacious filming project yet – I have secured some of the swankiest premises in Cambridge and made sure at least part of the set includes a bar. This, I feel, is quite an achievement. I am rather jealous of the sea shells, though – that truly is a proper way to spend ones time! Hope you had a super time, how lovely to have you back. Good luck with the editing and marketing, surely the worst parts of being a writer ever.

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  2. While you were out …
    Moses led the Hebrews out of bondage.
    Rome fell to the barbarians.
    The Renaissance happened.
    Columbus discovered the New World.
    The colonies rebelled against England.
    The West was won.
    The Kaiser abdicated.
    Churchill led England during “The Blitz”.
    The US dropped the bomb.
    Kennedy was shot.
    Nixon resigned.
    The elected an actor as President.
    Bush who?
    We elected the first African American as President.

    Nothing much else happened while you were away.

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  3. Started back up writing book 2 of my trilogy. Took your advice and added “Free on Kindle Unlimited” to all of my blog post ads. Started blogging on my 2001 Mediterranean Cruise after scanning in many of the old photos. Keeping busy.

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  4. I worked on editing the first chapter of ‘Infinite Worlds’, as well as tweaked it’s outline.
    Worked on the outline for the ‘Soul Mates’ story
    Spread some love (reviews) around the net for other stories I finished this week
    Decided to tweak and expand (for market even!) a short story with alien shape shifters.
    Updated my Facebook authors page
    Polished my ‘Who is this Person’ on my writing blog

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  5. Well if writing to your cat counts….

    I wrote a guest post about what it’s like to be a reviewer plus tips on what makes a good book (in my opinion).

    Started writing a post about how to approach reviewers plus will add stuff about amazon top reviewers (I am one) seeing as I’ve had some weird- read unacceptable- behaviour from a couple of authors looking for reviews. Not wordpressers though, WP authors are a happy and friendly bunch :D.

    Turned into a reading and reviewing machine.

    And finally started writing this big fantasy story that’s been stuck in my head for over a year. I know I haven’t written for a long time and my writing might need a lot of work but I’m pretty proud of myself right now šŸ™‚ !

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  6. After reading everyone’s accomplishments mine seem a bit paultry. After sending off my last children’s picture book off to the editor, I’ve continued to plug away a murder mystery and started a new YA that I couldn’t get out of my head until laying out the rough draft. Plus feeling a little overwhelmed as we get ready to go on holiday at the end of the month. So much to do and so little time.
    Oh and congrats Dan, at last, a POTUS everyone can vote for.

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