And now, to the AUDIO BOOK!

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Yep, time to make my runaway bestseller The Navigators into an audio book. I opened auditions moments ago and we’re already busier than anticipated.

I talk about this process in the marketing book 25 Great eBook Marketing Tips You Wish You Knew – yours FREE for subscribing to my newsletter – so have a look, but if you have questions, ask! I’m happy to talk about the audio book process. I love listening to lots and lots of voice actors do their version of my word and characters.

It’s fun – and it’s work.


THEY bring YOUR characters to LIFE


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12 thoughts on “And now, to the AUDIO BOOK!

  1. I do most of my reading through audio books, and am fascinated the way a top class narrator can bring everyone alive. Michael Kramer’s work on Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn books is astounding.
    If it’s coming out on audio I will be looking for it.

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        1. ACX/ audible.

          If you sign into the website, you can go to the part that asks about if you want to be a narrator. From there it will tell you what kind of things you need to do. However, one of my narrators downloaded free software off the Internet to do his audio recording and editing, he used a $35 Mic that he bought used off of Amazon, and he did a great job.

          Although he did have to sit in his closet to record it because it was the only sound dampening area he had in his apartment.

          After that you can look at different ways to audition and get paid. You can do revenue-sharing or ask to be paid by the hour.

          But rather than jump through all those hoops before you’re ready, you could just sit down and record yourself on the phone reading the audition script which is also on the ACX site or I can send you something. You can record any way you want and send it to me and I’ll give it a listen!

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            1. Please do, but remember, if you want to just do a quick sample for me, you can do that in any form that you like. I understand the quality will not be the same but I would love to get a woman reading this thing. For some reason they haven’t applied yet

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