7 thoughts on “What’s the weirdest thing…

  1. Chocolate with salt in…heresy!
    (And worse, the practice has now spread world-wide)
    I have expunged the location from my memory (thrice-curse (d) will it be).
    (I should explain; I am notorious in my family for having very basic views on food)

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  2. That I thought weird or you would think so? I’ve eaten all the standards: escargot, poke, lomi lomi, poi, the worm at the bottom of the mescal, fresh raw fish with raw onions in Holland-it’s a traditional thing there, does alligator count as weird? chocolate with insects in it on purpose. steak tartare.
    But in my opinion the weirdest thing, was squid. Those little wiggle arms and suckers- bleh.

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  3. I have had alligator, moose stew, swordfish, smoked reindeer and squid ink pasta, but I think the weirdest thing I’ve eaten on vacation was lutefisk – this is Norwegian dried codfish, soaked in lye (I think). This is their traditional Christmas fare.

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