Crazy train update coming

There has been such a huge response to the thought of a bunch of us getting togetherand writing a book together, that I am going to go through this afternoon and reply to everybody who commented on any of the three posts called “crazy train.”
Sunday I will roll out a
blog conversation where I will try to lay out the broad outline for the story and you can throw your story ideas into the pot as well. 

From there I will try to figure out which ones make the most sense and how to proceed. 

Everyone is welcome! 

I think there is a lot we can do with this idea, and it will be a lot of fun to see what we come up with. 

If you come up with an idea we can’t use for the big story, maybe we will still run it as a short story here on my blog. I want to feel like everybody’s time and effort is going to be appreciated and utilized, and if your story can’t be utilized for the book, you can still help on other story segments and edit and proofread and restructure other story segments or help the overall story as a critique partner or primary beta reader. 

There will be plenty for everyone to do!

And everyone who contributes will get their name listed in the book- wany will be listed on the cover!
If you comment below I will look forward to seeing you on Sunday for the conversation. If you can’t make it Sunday, just be sure to comment whenever you can. And if you already commented on one of the prior crazy train posts, I will try to be sure to add you to the list so I get everybody on the train!

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