Meet Guest Author Dan Alatorre…

Some of you have asked how I started…

Chris allowed me to expose myself – so to speak – on The Story Reading Ape site. Because Chris ROCKS!


Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

headshot bw 2Like a lot of writers, it’s a little difficult to figure out where and when I started writing because it was always kind of there. As a kid, I drew cartoons for my older brothers. Teachers would notice my unique sense of humor. I prompted Saint Veronica’s to start a grade school paper newspaper – so I could write it – and in high school I became editor of the BHSRamble.

I could always write, so I wrote.

Then, college came and then… Then nothing happened with writing for a while. But even as I wrote reports for work, my bosses noticed that I had a very fluid and easy to understand style.

Fast forward a few years – okay, more than a few – and my wife and I had a baby on the way.

Because I was pretty active on Facebook (by way of a…

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