# Hashtags Every Author Needs

Here are two lists from two sites. Have a look and bookmark them for future tweeting; report back on which ones work best for you and we’ll have a great reference!

List 1:  http://www.aerogrammestudio.com/2013/03/12/100-twitter-hashtags-every-writer-should-know/

List 2: http://www.authormedia.com/44-essential-twitter-hashtags-every-author-should-know/

If you already have favorite hashtags, list them below in the comments and help out a new author or blogger.

This approach worked really well with our author interview/ book review sites post, so have at it!

8 thoughts on “# Hashtags Every Author Needs

  1. For Bloggers:
    #LinkYourLife on Friday – for more “personal” posts
    #ArchiveDay on Saturday – for older posts that could use some exposure
    #SundayBlogShare on Sunday and #MondayBlogs on Monday – any post that’s not an obvious promo
    #wwwblogs on Wednesday – basically the same as Sunday and Monday but for women bloggers

    For writers:
    #1LineWed on Wednesday – share a tweet-sized bit of your WIP along a theme (see @RWAKissOfDeath for the theme)
    #2bitTues – same as #1LineWed but the theme is optional. @AngDonofrio runs it. Check her page for the optional theme.
    #amwriting, #amediting, and #indiepub are good for making connections.

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