24 thoughts on “Name a time you got stuck in a story…

  1. I’m stuck right now, because I’ve realized I’m utterly confused about my MC’s personality and character arc. I thought if I wrote up a whole ton of backstory and motivation and had a general idea of her arc, that the character would “speak to me” while I wrote. But she keeps saying something else in each chapter! I keep thinking I’ve got it, but every time I try to grab hold, it morphs into something else.

    No answer yet on how I’m getting out of it. The current plan is to finish the first full draft as well as possible and then step back and assess once I have all the mismatched pieces, and hope that some match better than others

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  2. Me too!
    Big dramatic fantasy episode.
    Someone is suddenly going to inadvertently show they have a power. Can’t decide whether they save the town from a pirate attack, transport themselves and two other characters out of danger, cause general panic, bring down a hailstorm, or……..errrrr…..do something else. Trying to avoid Cliché Central or appear as if I’ve hijacked bits out X-Men films.
    (Oh woe!!)

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  3. My serial killer had so many victims, when it came time for my task force to examine all the evidence, I had to go back and re-introduce myself to all of his crimes, this time making notes of everything, places, times, hair color, clues, dates.

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  4. I’ve had plot holes that were tough to resolve. The tough part is resisting using some deus ex machina to fill the hole. You lose credibility when your protagonist develops some ability or some piece of technology miraculously appears to solve the dilemma.

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    • Allegedly. I’ve been accused of using deus ex machina. Can’t say I cared for it much. It’s like being called a cheater. I had cleverly had a friend readers thought was dead swoop in to help save the day. I’m sticking with it, too. It was clever, not cheating. It’s still clever. Screw the deus ex machina police.

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      • There’s a fine line, but I can see where that concept would work. If you believe in it, stay the course. I’m talking about blatant scenarios where your character is cornered and all of a sudden uses expert martial arts skills that they never had before or they pull a gun from a secret hiding place without any buildup or foreshadowing. Those kinds of things can insult your readers.

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        • Yeah. That’s why the accusation of deus ex machina – which I had to look up to even know what it meant – was so insulting. We’ll see. Sometimes authors get squeamish about what readers will like. But when it’s as you described, it’s just poor writing.

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