41 thoughts on “If you could invite a famous person to dinner, who would it be and how would you kill them?

  1. Who? His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Won’t kill him. Neither do I want to nor would it make sense to first invite someone and then kill him or her. I f I want to kill someone….. you could scrap dinner.

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  2. Jim Henson. Who else would think a children’s puppet show could possibly change the world? If he were still alive, my chicken would probably do it (my chicken is terrible. It is known) Alas as that isn’t the case, probably only a shot to the head would do (or so zombie movies would have me believe)

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  3. First person to come to mind is Donald Trump, sorry Dan. He’s frightening, and if he gets in…well, I’ll step away from that soapbox…one bullet to the head. Cheap, fast and done.
    If I can’t see that done, Kanye West. An arrogant, talent-less ass. Again, a bullet to the head. cheap and fast.

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  4. I would invite George Soros. After dinner, I would burn him at the stake using his billions for fuel. That would end his support of all of the crazy, dangerous, and over the top protesters that he is paying to create havoc.

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  5. King Henry VII aka Henry Tudor, self-styled Earl of Richmond, before he beat Richard III at Bosworth. Hung drawn and quartered of course. Richard would have been a great king and we wouldn’t have had that ‘Fat Henry’ VIII, the psychopathic tyrant!

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  6. Well darn! Can’t get political – pooh. Will say, however, I agree with you Dan – Trumps the man! Now, on to murder – Kanye West – feed him a meal with something that makes his throat swell and voila! He chokes on his blabbering, tongue. (That’s only if I could stomach his presence for the time it took to take effect).
    @sheilamgood at Cow Pasture Chronicles

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      • Dan, go to settings, then discussion. You can have a comment held in moderation if it contains certain words, etc. Once in moderation you could trash it (I think). Also, probably the easiest way is to go to your Dashboard, then to comments. Here it list all comments. You can select any comment that is unacceptable and unapproved or move it to trash. Hope this helps.

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        • Thanks. I can – and have – had to edit a comment here and there, but I want people to know pretty much all comments are welcome here. I think they feel that way. The comments I’ve edited were friends who typoed their book title or something (nothing to change the nature if the comment) or spammers posing as commenters.

          This kind of post, it lends itself to hyperbole. I should have asked for a favorite author, not a favorite person.

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          • Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in censuring people – I kinda like that freedom of speech thing. Having said that, I think we as the owners of our blog, must on occasion, be discerning. Yeah, perhaps, leaving out the “famous” in prompt might be a good idea.

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            • Oh, I know that’s not what you meant. But once the topic is broached, it’s usually worth explaining a little extra so that somebody who is new to the scene doesn’t have to wonder whether there, it turns into something they didn’t mean it to be.

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  7. The next sub-sub editor who gets my manuscript and rejects it (It’s your career decision!! I know you’re out there.! You’ve been warned…. don’t make me angry…I have a wide collection of kitchen utensils…and year-old-yoghurt that’s been trained to go for the throat)

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  8. My jaw literally dropped open when I read the title 😄

    But I don’t want to kill anyone, so nothing to add.. Just letting you know that you really caught me off guard and made me laugh out loud👍

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