What’s the Best Way To Say This?

head shot 2
Your (usually) humble host, but today I’m gonna brag a little

So far, my books have been published in 13 different languages!

Woo hoo!

You can read me in Italian, Portuguese, Afrikaans, Spanish, German, Turkish, Dutch, Chinese, Swedish, Indonesian, French, Greek, Arabic. And of course, ENGLISH – although some would say I’m mostly unreadable in English. (I don’t talk to those people.)

But… not every book has been done in each of those languages.

What’s the best way to get the point across and not muddy up the message???

Here’s the book and what language it’s in, just to give examples (and yeah, to brag a little):


Savvy Stories

Italian, Portuguese, Afrikaans,


The Terrible Twos



The Long Cutie

German, Turkish, Portuguese


Night Of The Colonoscopy

Portuguese, Spanish, Italian


The Short Years

Turkish, Portuguese


Santa Maybe

Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese


A Quick Trip To BuyMart




Laguna The Lonely Mermaid

Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, French, Swedish, Afrikaans, Indonesian, German (10)


The Princess And The Dolphin

Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, French, Afrikaans, Greek, Arabic, Indonesian, German, Dutch (12)

Princess Fans 12 Countries 16x20 B.jpg
Come on, that’s just cool

The Adventures of Pinchy Crab And Ramon D’Escargot

Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, German, Afrikaans (7)



35 Great Recipes You Wish Your Mother Made

Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese


35 MORE Amazing Recipes Your Mother Would Be Proud Of



All American Favorites

Portuguese, Italian


Okay, so now that I’ve had a chance to gloat… how do you say your books are in 13 different languages (14 if you count English) and not give the impression each book is in each language? Or do you just let people figure that out?

SOME of my books appear in 13 languages? That sounds lame…

I’ve been published in 13 different foreign languages? Sounds like maybe all my books have been. They haven’t.

I have published X titles in 13 foreign languages (X because technically each book counts as a separate title for each language it appears in. Confusing, right?)

I have 17 books published in more than a dozen languages – ambiguous. Could mean each book is in every language again. (But it sounds impressive as hell.)

Okay by now I’ve confused myself. That’s why I asked.



25 thoughts on “What’s the Best Way To Say This?

  1. Excellent bragging rights, Dan – very impressive indeed! It’s a tricky one, isn’t it? I think the last one is perfectly reasonable. It is ambiguous but not confusing. The other versions are perhaps more confusing than they need to be. So many books, so many languages… maybe just put – ‘My name is Dan and I am full to the brim of global awesomeness’. There, you can use that 😉

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  2. By the way…how many hours are in a Florida day? Must be more than here in New Brunswick ‘cus I don’t have time to do all you do. Yea…that’s it. The days are shorter here. Now I feel better about myself… haha

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