Four Steps Away From The Cliff

We’ve talked about this before, but somewhere, somebody’s going through it. So reach out. Your turn is coming.

Allison Maruska

I recently had the privilege of guest posting for the lovely, talented, and funny Sarah E. Boucher on the topic of quit days. Since I’m not able to reblog directly, she’s allowed me to paste the post onto my own blog. Click here to see the original post and on her name to head to her blog, which I highly recommend because awesome content.

And now, the post!


First, I want to thank Sarah for allowing me to use her space to espouse my mostly nonsensical banter. When she messaged me a list of suggestions for a topic, one (or a combination of two, rather) stood out to me: what do I do on those days I want to throw my laptop off a balcony and/or jump off a cliff?

And this is where the post ends, because neither of those things has happened to me.

*sobs into tin of…

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6 thoughts on “Four Steps Away From The Cliff

  1. I didn’t think we were supposed to talk about things like this, too negative for a start. I was actually ridiculed for doing this, early on in my blogging days, so this post came as a bit of a surprise.
    But we do all have them, don’t we? It’s how we handle them that matters…

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    • I was never very sympathetic about writers who suffered quit days. I tried to be helpful and get them through it but I saw it as weakness, a thing to be powered through.

      Then I had one.

      My friend helped me through it and my attitude changed. I don’t want to dwell in the negatives here but we’d be lying to folks if we pretended this doesn’t happen. So to offset that, we need to emphasize what each of us can expect and how each of us can help somebody get through it.

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  2. Thanks for mentioning this subject. This happens to me as well. I like the suggestions about how it get through it. Usually just a few words of encouragement from another writer goes a long way as well as ice cream and Netflix of course.

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