Hush The Demons


I think some of the best novels of our time, some of the most unique and interesting works, will never see the light of day – never get out of a drawer or computer somewhere – because of this. I know it, in fact. I’ve seen some of them. It’s like hiding the Mona Lisa. And if you ever doubt your talent, know this: at least you had the GUTS to take it out of the drawer and show it to the world. That makes it better than the “masterpieces” in the drawer, because to be unread is to not exist.

29 thoughts on “Hush The Demons

  1. Reblogged this on A Goode One and commented:
    I don’t do a lot of reblogs here, but this is so beautiful that I just had to share it. Dan Alatorre is one of the most positive, encouraging, supportive bloggers out there, and this single paragraph from him says so much about finding the courage to share our work with the world.

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  2. I’ve been on a downer about self publishing for a few days, but after receiving a great review yesterday and reading these words today, I’m feeling more positive about things again.
    I am glad I took my novel out the drawer and showed it to the world. Even if only a handful of people read it and enjoy it, I’ve sill achieved my dream.
    Thanks for helping me feel better.

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