Shh! Don’t tell, but…

00 shh 2
Shh. No telling.

Okay, my friend Jenny is having a writing challenge thing on her blog and I entered and you can help me win.

Click that blue underlined stuff and post your own entry if you want but then vote for mine to win.

00 shh 1
Don’t let her know. She probably won’t see this post, either.

What you do is you email her and use my name – Dan Alatorre – in the subject line as the vote. (I’ll decline the prize if I win but I wanna win.)

00 shh 4.png
Okay, sue me, I’m a guy; couldn’t resist. And it’s not completely gratuitous – she’s shushing.

Okay? Shh. Don’t tell.

VOTE for your favorite submission (ME) by emailing: which is on her blog link, so just click it when you get there. Place the lucky author’s name (ME) in the HEADER of your email.

00 shh 5.jpg
That one’s kinda creepy, though. Shoulda stopped at the bikini.

Pretty simple. I don’t ask for much. Go vote for me.

And do the challenge. And follow Jenny’s blog. Cos it’s kinda cool.

But mostly vote for me.



13 thoughts on “Shh! Don’t tell, but…

  1. Hm, or people could vote for me! I’m in that too. Or…..heavens! They could vote for the one they REALLY like! I know, I know. What’s the point in cheating if they do that, right? LOL πŸ™‚

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  2. All for a bit of fun but have to say I’m with JackieP…vote for the one you REALLY like…works for me…and intend to anyway! There may be newbe writers getting into this…don’t think they will again if this becomes a clique.

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