Shh, Don’t Tell But… PART 2

Okay, so yesterday I said we should sneak over to Jenny’s blog and vote for me in the contest she was having.

A bit of FUN, shall we say.

Oh, and I also used these images for the whole SHH thing

That bikini chick wasn’t the best call for a blog whose subscriber base is about 2/3 women. I see that now. So allow me to make amends, ladies:

Okay? We good?

Anyway, while I think everybody understands Jenny and I are pals, and that a little bit of fun is, well, a fun thing,

some of you took issue with me attempting to hijack her contest.

And, well… you were right.

Plus, apparently you can’t vote for me until Saturday or something.

But I can admit when I’m wrong.


And I actually was on a video chat with Jenny that very morning. (We do a video show, you know? Maybe you’ve seen it. Funny stuff. Definitely worth a  watch. Here are some sample images :

WoTwF 4 Allison 6wotwf 3  (3) fWoTwF 4 Dan 1




See? Pals! But don’t take my word for it, have a look


Funny, right?

Well, so a few of you didn’t think it was such a hot idea to suggest helping me win – well, steal – the contest by, um, more or less cheating. Or by flat out cheating.

And that was a good point.

(Even if I now have to question your sense of humor.)

But I agreed because what I really wanted to do was encourage some of you to go check out her cool contest. And because my good friend at EDC Writing suggested there might be newbie writers getting into the contest, and since they’d be new and might come away with a bad feelings from my shenanigans, then my good-natured fun will have caused some damage.

Okay, I didn’t think of that. Sue me.

Cos I’m all about the newbies. I am. If you read this blog, you know that.


Go ahead and get on over to Jenny’s place and just vote for the best contestant. Heck, maybe enter the contest, too. Why not, it’s quick and painless. But then VOTE FOR YOUR FAVE. On the right day, whenever that is.

This was NOT a ploy to surreptitiously get more of you to vote for me.


No, no; I’m legit here. In fact, steer your friends over there. It’s a fun contest and it’s based on a cool idea.

I’ll be here, not cheating. Promise.

8 thoughts on “Shh, Don’t Tell But… PART 2

  1. Well, we’re half-good — but the hot man photo doesn’t follow the shushing theme! As soon as I noticed that, I put my finger to my lips and shushed him. Sh, hot babe, it’s okay.

    So, er, yeah (cough cough)… we’re good. 😉


  2. If it helps… I thought your shenanigans was exactly as you said, and it worked I went over and gave it a go. So thank you Dan.
    P.S. But, just so you know I couldn’t vote for you 😕 conscience and all…

    Liked by 1 person

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