Give Me Your Thoughts On This Tip For Building An Author Platform & Easier Social Media Management

Have a look; what do you think? Do I talk too fast? Too slow? Move too quickly? Let me know how I can improve this! Don’t hold back.


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19 thoughts on “Give Me Your Thoughts On This Tip For Building An Author Platform & Easier Social Media Management

  1. This is why I think it makes sense.. I’m not on any social media and I could follow most of your instructions..

        1. Thanks. And it’s just a rough test but hopefully people can follow along and we can create a lot of these. It is so much easier to show people quickly and easily on a computer then it is to try to describe it in a blog post.

          1. Always ! But I’m like that with almost everything.. Best way I learn is by watching while listening to how its done/made..
            I’m sure it will be a good tool for those on social media to promote themselves and their work..

  2. I sort of feel like you might want to break it down into 5-minute chunks. What’s the average attention span? Mine is not quite HEY LOOK ICE CREAM!

    1. To the extent 3 minutes can satisfy you, okay.

      Seriously, I’m the same way about videos, but for new authors who need to see things unfold and be taught lesson style, three might not be enough. What’s the upper limit for a lesson?

      1. I think Part A and Part B make sense…that way for those with longer attention spans, they can go RIGHT on to Part B….The rest of us can check email and cat videos for 2 minutes in between….

        Added bonus – for those with slow connections it’d be easier to load or stream or whatever, right?

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