Crap! I Screwed Up and Need YOUR Help.

head shot
Your humble host who screwed up

Okay, I didn’t really screw up.

Or maybe I did.

Read on and you be the judge.

You guys know me. I get excited and next thing you know, well… things have happened. So I was talking with this other author about Facebook Author Pages. We all want our FB Author Page to have lots of Likes, but I never understood why you’d pay FB to promote the page when it can happen pretty organically.

Pay? For Facebook???

(Here’s my Facebook Author Page. What do you think?)

Well, here’s a reason to pay them.

When somebody Likes your author page, you get added to their FB feed. That’s fine. Maybe they read your posts, maybe not.


When you do a paid promo later through FB, THEY GET IT SENT TO THEM.

Is that a big deal? Can be. Like when you have a book coming out.

By now you may be saying DUH. Okay, I said I screwed up!

So this other author, who shall remain nameless for reasons you’ll see in a moment, and I were discussing this, and then I really stepped in it.

I’m kind of competitive, so when I saw I only had about 75 likes fewer than she did, I said we should have a race – to 500.

Sounded good at the time. But then I realized she was already at about 425. So she only needs about 75 and I NEEED 150.

CRAP! That’s twice the work!

So… a reasonable person could say I screwed up.

But! I have FRIENDS!

Here’s what we’ll do. Mostly you.

First, go to my author page and Like the page. You should have already done that, but seeing as how there’s a thousand of you following the blog and less than 400 who have Liked the author page, somebody’s slacking off. Get with the program. And Like the page, not a post. There’s a difference. You author types need to know that.

There are a lot of you and that alone should get us the win!

Second, you can ask your friends to Like it. That would be nice. (Hint, hint.)

Third… SHARE it? I know I’m asking a lot but these are desperate times, my friends. I am NOT asking you to unlike the other author’s page because that would be mean and we’re friends and we can win without that. Probably. (Keep that in your pocket just in case.)

That’s about it. Oh, maybe reblog this? Please, please, please?


Go right now.


It will give me a list of everybody who Likes the page so I might look at throwing a big party when we win. Maybe I’ll give my new Like people a book. It could happen. IF WE WIN. I’m generous that way.

When she loses, she’ll have to wear a Buccaneers hat during our next video show, which is still in pre-production, but trust me, I’ll be sharing clips of that. Oh, and maybe she has to wear alligator glasses or something. It’ll be worth it, trust me.

But also, we’ll have some interesting data collected from this stupid contest  valuable experiment, and that will accrue to you via my astute analysis when my new book comes out in a few weeks. So there’s that.

Why are you still reading? Go! Go like the page! And share and all that other stuff! Shoo!

head shot
Your humble host who screwed up. Allegedly.

REBLOG me! And please SHARE this post on Facebook and Twitter! See those little buttons down below? Put on your glasses. There they are. Click them. The FOLLOW button is now in the lower right hand corner.

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49 thoughts on “Crap! I Screwed Up and Need YOUR Help.

  1. I already ‘like’ you so I’ve done my bit there. I shall tell everyone I lay eyes on to like you also. And I’ll really big you up, too.

  2. I know I’m the only living person who doesn’t have a Facebook page but as soon as I do I’ll follow your instructions.
    Hope it won’t be too late!

                    1. I’m hosting all kinds of people lately. Maybe we can make it an exchange of some kind. I’m hoping to have a new book in about a month.

  3. Here’s the typo…

    ‘So… a reasonable person could day I screwed up.’

    You can pay me for proofreading by returning the favour some time! 😉 But now, I’ll find my iPad and share you around. (I don’t have social media on my MacBook for productivity reasons, and wow has that been a massive help!!)

    1. Hmm. Well without a typo they might think I’d been hacked and an imposter posted that. This way they know it’s me. Like quality control. Or lack thereof.

      You rock, by the way. Thanks.

  4. Another thing to remember … only PEOPLE who have liked your page are counted, not PAGES that have liked your page. Example: My page shows 214 likes … these are individuals (personal profiles) … but another 16 PAGES have also liked my page. It’s another one of those things about Facebook that annoy me. But, then again, I get a little cranky by mid-afternoon when the caffeine finally fades.

  5. Oh no, I haven’t been on the internet much as it was the school holidays and only seeing your post now. Guess it’s too late to help you out 🙁 So sorry about that. But this said, I’m pretty sure I’ve already like your page before though 🙂

  6. I saw your FB page…WOW! I’m still not on FB so couldn’t post a like on it but just wanted to let you know that your FB is pretty impressive! Good luck, Dan. 🙂

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