The Breakthrough Moment We’ll All See Later

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There’s always a breakthough moment.

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Rumor has it that when Clark Gable took off his shirt in In Happened One Night, audiences realized he wore no undershirt – and the undershirt industry collapsed overnight. Maybe Clark was sporting some abs, too, and since ladies (then as now) did most of the undergarment shopping for the household, momma figured a quick way to losing papa’s beer guy was to get him to show a tad more skin.

00 gable
Can’t see it here, but Gable had some guns. Abs, too, maybe. It was a different time.

Tom Cruise, in the 1980’s, wore a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses in Risky Business – the one where he and Rebecca Demornay had sex in every room of his high school character’s house (cover your eyes, YA traditionalists!) The movie was a runaway blockbuster and Ray Ban sunglasses busted through the roof in sales for decades.

00 cruise.jpg


I’ll think of an example that’s doesn’t feature a sexy guy, but you get the idea.


The right idea at the right time, and in hindsight everybody could see it coming.


So I think it is with The Martian. A self-published indie book that became a bestseller and a blockbuster movie, I think this is a moment we’ll look back on and say, it was obvious in retrospect. The forces of nature were too powerful and the industry as people knew it was never the same.

Buggy whip manufacturer, meet automobile.

00 martian.jpg


The following article explains it in great detail. Have a read on me.


Enjoy the story of the struggle – and remember the moment.

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