You Can Help Me Win A Thing!

My team hasn’t won yet, but good sportsmanship is worth something.

Allison Maruska

I’ve stumbled into a friendly (mostly) competition with Dan Alatorre over who can get their Facebook page to 500 likes first. I’m winning at the moment but he’s closing in quickly. Click here to jump to my Facebook page and like it if you want to help but don’t want to know why.

If you stuck around to find out why, good for you!

This started with me experimenting with a paid Facebook page promotion. I’d never done one before and wanted to see what would happen. I shared the results with Dan, who was impressed with the gain my page received from the promo.

Was impressed.

Because I shared a pic to our 25 Marketing Tips group on Facebook, and then this happened.

the gauntletAs of the moment I’m writing these words, I only need 60 more likes to win. 

Win what? you may be asking.

We’re still hammering that out, but…

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