How Hard Is It To Self Publish?

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Your humble host



Occasionally I get emails from folks who simply have no idea what the next step is. (I was one of those once, so I’m sympathetic.)

Here’s an example.



Dear Dan,

My daughter is a freshman in college.  She wrote a children’s book for an assignment and her professor thinks she should try to publish it.  Can you Advise a good place for her to start?


Proud Papa


Dear Proud,

Sure! And congratulations! She can self-publish or start sending queries to agents and publishers. If she wants to see how easy it is to self-publish, she can get a good idea in my book “25 eBook Marketing Tips You Wish You Knew.” Subscribers to my email list get it as a free download. Here’s the link. (Click HERE)

Plus she can ask me any questions via email or my blog’s Contact Me button. Let her know I’m happy to help in any way. That’s what I do for new authors at my blog all the time.


Folks if you have questions about self-publishing, check out my book and see just how easy it is.

If I can do it…

Your next bestseller is in you. Get it out. Your dreams await on the other side of the “publish” button.

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Your humble host

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