Beware Your Copy Editor!

I recently had a friend go through this nightmare process. This article sums it up pretty well.


Like anything else, you want to “interview” the person you’ll be working with. If it’s not a good fit, swallow hard, bite the bullet, and move on until you find a good fit. They are out there.


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16 thoughts on “Beware Your Copy Editor!

        1. I made friends with an author type who had a book with a publisher and struggled for two years – just a little longer than I’ve known her – and I can’t think of more than a few nice things she said about the process, but I have a BOATLOAD of negative things she said!

          1. I can believe it! I sent a detective novel to a well known publishing house competition years back. Neve hearing back form them I contacted them. The reader they sent it to lived in LA and had “lost the manuscript.”

  1. OK, I’m not, like, an official writer or anything, but I do suffer from the afore-referenced affliction knows as “red-pencil syndrome.” I’m actually in an edit war with one of our VPs….We always, always, ALWAYS correct each other. (Career suicide or grammatical bravery? You decide.) While we work for the same company, we are ethically and morally opposed on the Oxford comma…so we will never agree. 🙂

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