Did I Ever Tell You How Much I HATE Peyton Manning?


An oldie but a goodie post I promised to drag out whenever he’s in the super bowl pooping all over himself (hopefully).

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13 thoughts on “Did I Ever Tell You How Much I HATE Peyton Manning?

  1. Actually I like Peyton but can’t stand the Broncos for the same reason I hope the Eagles forever eat crow..
    And I’ve never liked the Cowboys
    Goooooooo Panthers !!!
    But I do root for my favorite every time they hit the field, Steelers.. then Packers and Patriots..
    Funny, I don’t get hyped over football but have strong likes and dislikes about certain teams.. And who doesn’t like Superbowl commercials ? It’s the only time slot on tv I look forward to the commericals too 😄

    1. Well, since you asked – I don’t care for Super Bowl commercials. But since my wife does and I want to stay married, we watch them. And the halftime show. As in, I’d happily change channels during either but can’t.

  2. Don’t get me started! I’m a huge NFL chick! I’m writing this as Peyton is just getting his kudos for winning the bowl tonight. I hate the Manning brothers. Carolina was the best team all year and lost one game to my other hated team, Seattle. Carolina played as bad as they did that one loss with Seattle. The defense worked so hard and the offense sucked, nobody could catch a ball and Newton couldn’t do everything. How many more 15 yard stupid penalties could they possibly rack up? That said, Denver played equally terrible, just that Carolina was worse.
    Now that said, doesn’t matter how good you are, it’s this game that counts and Panthers didn’t step up to the plate. And, after everything Manning has been through, in the end, I’m glad he got his ring so he could retire.
    Only one Manning I hate more is Eli, LOL, beating out my Patriots a few years ago. Not to mention Denver did a few weeks ago :(. And really I don’t hate anyone, I really didn’t like Peyton because he led the Colts when they also beat out the Pats.
    Hope I didn’t bore you with my lowdown! 🙂

    1. I’m not a fan of commercials, period, but if the super bowl is supposed to be the best ever, it was a fail as big as this lame super bowl was. Now we can spend the off season listening to ESPN pining about whether he’ll retire. Get ready for Brett Favre II.

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