Did I Ever Tell You How Much I HATE Peyton Manning?

So we had a fun Super Bowl: Michele and Savvy went shopping and missed half the game, and I made some homemade salsa and watched the game at home by myself. I didn’t mind; no chance of having to play Candy Land in the middle of the game. Plus, the Broncos got blown out, and I hate Peyton Manning, their quarter back. I have hated him ever since he humiliated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the year after we won the Super Bowl. The Buccaneers were having a great season, winning a lot of games, and all the local fans were anticipating going to the Super bowl again, in back to back years, and winning a 2nd Lombardi trophy. We were beating the socks off of Peyton Manning and his team, which at the time was Indianapolis Colts. There was less than 5 minutes left on the 4th quarter, and the Bucs were up by 2 touchdowns. But do you know what? Peyton Manning and the Colts came back to win the game, scoring 3 touchdowns in 3 minutes, as time ran out. It was a humiliating loss, and the Buccaneers team seemed to be the emperor with no clothes from that moment on. No return trip to the Super Bowl – and no winning seasons again for us for a long time.

All because of that ultra talented jerk Peyton Manning. His coach, Tony Dungy, later said in an interview that Manning had played so badly in that game, that they were considering benching him just to see if a different quarterback could spark the flailing Colts.

In the end, they didn’t need to. Manning found the open receivers, sliced and diced the Buccaneers defense, and won the game in an ending worthy of a Hollywood movie. He didn’t get lucky, and it wasn’t a fluke. It was the result of hard work, talent and attitude. Manning was able to muster enough from himself and his team to beat our team, and do it in a spectacular way on a Monday night with the whole nation watching.

And I hated him for it.

So when he was now getting his butt kicked in the Super Bowl, I was enjoying it immensely. I was happily shocked when the ball sailed over his head on the first play of the game, causing a safety and 2 points for his opponent, the Seattle Seahawks. I loved seeing Manning get intercepted and having the ball get run back for a Seahawks’ touchdown. I was thrilled that it was almost the start of the 4th quarter before his team scored their first points, and the announcers exclaiming that the game was all but over.

I’m that petty. I can admit it.

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6 thoughts on “Did I Ever Tell You How Much I HATE Peyton Manning?

  1. I love the Manning brothers and I dislike football. I’d save all that energy for the team who constantly disgraces the football league by cheating and being dishonorable yet somehow they still have jobs and are hailed as heroes. We expect more from our children and these are their role models? Interesting game, sad.

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    • Ah, January 2003. Those were the days. I’m not sure my Buccaneers have posted a winning season since.

      Manning was awesome… Hmm. I’ll have to hold off on that I’m not sure I saw awesome yesterday! But even though I’m a hater, I will give credit where credit is due.


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