Super Bowl: Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down? Don’t Care?



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Did you enjoy the big lame?

I mean game?

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How about the commercials? Or the half time show?


Give me your thoughts.

And yes you can say you liked it.

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You can say you hated it, too.

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26 thoughts on “Super Bowl: Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down? Don’t Care?

  1. The televised event as a whole was mediocre in my opinion though in full disclosure I spent most of my childhood in Charlotte, NC so I may be biased. There wasn’t a stand out commercial unless you count that awful Super Bowl babies thing in which children were forced to sing about their parents enjoying the drunken thrill of victory a tad too much. I enjoyed the Bey vs Bruno sing-off battle, but the rest of the half-time show wasn’t memorable in that it seemed to showcase a tribute to much better half-time shows of the past 50 years.

    However the snacks were fantastic, the beverages were cold, and the friends who visited my house for the event are always welcome, so overall I enjoyed the evening very much.

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  2. Judging by my social media feeds, I think it’s illegal to say I liked it. 🙂 Honestly, I’m a NY Giants fan, so I wasn’t attached to either team. Being someone who enjoys watching the defensive side of things, I liked it because it came down to whoever made that one mistake that the other team could capitalize on. Missed the halftime show entirely, so I have no opinion on that.

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  3. Hi Dan. You are right on the pulse of the hottest events. I don’t like football but of course, the half time show is what does it for me. Bruno Mars was awesome. I thought Beyoncé should have done something with her hair, it was too wild and fuzzy. Didn’t do anything for her. Coldplay got eat up by those two giants. His voice is mellow and sweet, not the best accompaniments for him. I would have much rather seen Rhianna and Bruno. The highlight of the game for me was Lady Gaga singing the anthem. Over the top, amazing!! Thank you Dan.

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    • I am not really what you could call a Lady Gaga fan, but in her interview the day before she said she wanted to make the anthem about the anthem and not her, so I respect that. Of course, you have to give your fans what they want so she Gaga’ed it up a little, but only a little. It was pretty good.


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