What Book Are You Reading Right Now???

what book are you reading right now

What book are you reading right now?

Not what did you buy that you intend open and start reading


what’s on your list.


what, if anything, are you actually started and/or in the middle of? List it here regardless of how embarrassing.


(For me, what I have sitting here waiting to be read is Stephen King’s unabridged/unedited The Stand, but the one I opened and started is Wool by Hugh Howey.)


What book are you currently reading?

31 thoughts on “What Book Are You Reading Right Now???

  1. The Shadow of The Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Pretentious title aside, I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. I can’t read it for more than about forty minutes and as a consequence I’m not very far in so perhaps the gripping part of the narrative happens later.

    I recently finished Buck and Billy the Weredeer (http://lousybookcovers.com/?p=225553) that I picked up because the front cover was hilarious. Different in each and every way from Shadow of the Wind.

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  2. Right now I’m reading a blog post by Dan Alatorre. But I have book marks in Lost for Words by Edward St. Aubyn, How Not to Write a Novel by Howard Mittlemrk and Sandra Newman, and the Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia (kiddo loves it but I am the one reading it to so…).

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  3. The Killing Kind by Chris Holm. This thriller about a hit man that only kills other hit men is making all kinds of “Best of” lists and was recently nominated for a Lefty award. Excellent read. Keep an eye on Chris. He’s going places.

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  4. Am halfway through “The Expats: A Novel” by Chris Pavone.

    Have not decided if I like it or not yet, am hoping for a surprising plot-twist, so far it is quite predictable…

    (Have a few Terry Pratchett books waiting on my Kindle, so I hope you’ll ask this question again later 😜)

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  5. I’m reading “Murder and Mayhem” by D. P. Lyle, subtitled “A doctor answers medical and forensic questions for mystery writers.” A fascinating and incredibly useful book! But take my advice: NOT the best choice for reading right before bedtime, Which is of course what I’m doing.

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  6. Been dipping in and out of too many books lately but last night I started two reads I sense I’ll be with to the end:

    The blog ‘Secret Diary of PorterGirl’ by, well, PorterGirl from ‘The First Day’ it has me hooked, my now daily escape to who knows what?


    ‘Scripting the Truth’ by T A Henry…I like the style of writing, it’s got me wishing I’d started reading my NANOWRIMO blog friend before.

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  7. Sin and Syntax – How to Craft Wicked Prose by Constance Hale – Which happens to be one of the best grammar books in modern day, a lot more fun and layback than Strunk and White!

    Also reading ‘How was I supposed to Know?’ A memoir by Lorna Lee.

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  8. Captive Hope- (YA fantasy) by Rachel Ritchley (see rachelritchey.com on WordPress)

    Unless I’ve got the Grim & Dour on me (old friend of mine) then it’s Tank Warfare on The Eastern Front 1941-1942 by Robert Forcyzk.

    Rachel’s book wins out 90% of the time

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  9. Three of them actually… Literacy Criticism by Charles Bressler, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: A Case Study in Critical Controversy, and Serious Daring: Creative Writing in Four Genres by Lisa Roney.


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