Can I just Say THANK YOU?

There are over 800 of you following this blog by email and more than 600 as WP subscribers, plus a bunch more that just pop in from time to time…


A year ago there were like ten of you.


Okay, maybe it was a hundred. Still.


I want to say thank you. It’s truly humbling to see so many people tuning in to see what I have to say. I’ll always try to make it worth your time.


(BTW, am I supposed to host a party when we hit 1000? Let me know.)




49 thoughts on “Can I just Say THANK YOU?

  1. A virtual knees up a soiree of sorts
    Full of nibbles gateaux and torts.
    A smorgasbord on which to feast
    Words and letters books a piece.
    We’d all read a poem a verse or a rhyme
    And be back home in plenty of time.
    *bows low* πŸ˜‡
    Um… i think it is a good idea *blush*

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  2. Dan, you put a lot of hard work into growing your audience and creating a blog that people want to read every day. It’s definitely an accomplishment worth celebrating!
    (I’ll watch for my party invitation. 😊)

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  3. Hey man, you deserve it!. I’ve only taken up with WordPress recently and have been so impressed by the useful info you’re putting out. Keep up the good work!!

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