What About A Fun Challenge?

02052015 Italy 2015 (113)What if we had a challenge where I post a starting paragraph of a new story, and I select three people to add a paragraph to the story. Whenever they see themselves named, they have to comment and add a paragraph, which I will add to the story. Then they name two people to do it. Or maybe we all name just one, I don’t know. Each person adding three more gets into big numbers pretty fast, but I was thinking we needed three named to get one to reply. Each named person would have a limited amount of time to reply, like 24 hours or maybe just 12 hours.

What kind of story would we we end up with?

Ever done something like this before? Thoughts?

Is this already a thing where we can follow a road map and not re-invent the wheel?

18 thoughts on “What About A Fun Challenge?

  1. Interesting idea.
    I’m guessing it would have to be 1 person with a time window so you have 1 story as opposed to 3 people working from the same paragraph … Giving you 3 stories…
    We used to do something similar with a drawing as kids. Each person was to add one line to the original 2 or 3 lines. It was always interesting to see that what you thought would be the perfect lines for a house was now a car, plane or playground.

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  2. Love it! When I was a kid we’d do games of drawing and sometimes writing that worked similarly. One person would begin to write the 1st paragraph and then fold the paper and would only leave the last sentence or part of it visible and pass it on. For drawing well you start with the head and fold down to the neck and pass it on so the next one comes up with the torso…
    So in a way it comes close.
    And even in school we once had to finish a story of which we only knew the opening paragraph, what fun to hear the different stories 😉

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    • Well, if you have 24 hours from when you get named, and they have to post on your own blog to make sure you see it, then it might work. I mean, I’d obviously tag people I knew I could contact to get them to reply.

      And I guess if the person you name doesn’t add a paragraph in 24 hours, you have to name somebody else. That’s why I thought three people, because then it’s a race to get there first, to have the story go where you want.

      Three paragraphs in 24 hours sounds better than one…

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  3. Hi Dan,

    Haven’t a clue how this might go but as far as I can see there are few rules which always works for me – knock something out in 24 hours and know 3 people who can write or would like to try (bet some of us will go for the same folk – watch out Jenny!). Potential complications? – according to my wife I can’t do anything in 24 hours (hmm!) and which 24 hours – grandkids staying this weekend – help! What the hell, I’m up for this.

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