Tip #271 (okay not really): Make A Descriptions File

Hopefully, you have never killed anyone. If you have, remember: I live in Seattle.
Hopefully, you have never killed anyone. If you have, remember: I live in Seattle.

In a story we are often asked to create images for the reader that we may not have experienced ourselves. I discussed this in an earlier post about killing aliens and dismembering people (entitled “BLOOD FILLED, HORRID, SCARY Things Writers Do Every Day“) click HERE to read that one.)

Here’s another great way to add to your collection of descriptions. Make a file and throw good description pieces in wherever you find them.

In this Facebook example, a son talked his mother into finally going to do his sport with her – gun shooting.


Proud of (MOM’s NAME) for getting the courage to shoot a gun. I didn’t think she would ever go shooting with me. She also shot a 9 mm. She screamed every time she pulled the trigger. (smile emoticon) She’s a decent shot too. We are still working up to the shotgun or the .30-06.


Considering the tightness of my pants and the fearness of my scream–it would be a bad idea to shoot a larger/louder gun. I’m certain to split a seam, while falling on my hiney screaming, and possibly bloody from the rifle-butt smacking my glasses, and shattering the lens into my eye… I might have gotten off track on my comment. I’ll stick with the .22 and 9mm as I’m conquering fears.

Great descriptions. You can’t get that from TV, folks!

If you were to add these bit to other bits – somebody else describing the flash of the gun muzzle, or the fact that gunshots smell like fireworks, you add up with quite a palate of colorful descriptions to utilize when you go to paint your scene with your words.

Your humble host.
Your humble host.

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