A Blog To Hate

I hate that blog!
I hate that blog!

I was reading a blog by a writer I really don’t like (Yeah, I know, WHY do I do that???) and he was being self-important for a moment (which is part of why I don’t like his blog) and he gave out some stats to bolster a point about why he can’t reply to every email or something.

I can understand that. If somebody has 42,000 Twitter followers and 17 novels, he’s a busy guy – and a celebrity, probably. He can’t reply to every piece of fan mail.

Is he so different from you and I though?

Can't read your letter, old chum, but have some bubbly before you go.
Can’t read your letter, old chum, but have some bubbly before you go.

Maybe; maybe not.

He went on to throw out a stat about his blog, that it gets a million visitors every year or some such thing…

Hell, that’s impressive…

Anyway, I read all that stuff and I thought, wow, this dude is rocking it. He’s probably a millionaire and…


Hey, wait, I have 12,000 followers and I’m not a celebrity. If I triple that, which may very well happen over the next twelve months, I doubt I’ll be a celebrity then, either. How many do you have? They tend to accumulate if you’re social on social media. (Mine grew a lot when I figured that out…)

He has 17 novels. Respect. I have over a dozen books out. He has bestsellers. Those are hurdles. Most of my followers are struggling to get one book finished. It’s complicated. It’s difficult. But it starts with one. He started with one. So will you.

My books are translated into about a dozen languages, too. I don’t know about his. Probably.

Hello? Subscribers? Where are you?
Hello? Subscribers? Where are you?

He’s helpful to new authors, which is why I followed him, on the recommendation of a friend. Hopefully, this blog is helpful, to. He’s also terribly verbose, so I skim about 80% of his intended humor fluff to mine for the actual helpful point he’s buried. But that’s a style thing. I do that, too, sometimes. (Like right now.)

He outsells me, I’ll give him that. He may make more money than I do selling books because he sure acts like he does. But how would I know?

But I believe he’s successful.


He acts like it.

He’s more successful because he’s a better marketer than I am.

I feel your pain.
I feel your pain.

He owns that, too. He markets. A lot. He puts out the blog and the books and the replies and the Tweets. When I started doing that, I had a LOT LESS time for other stuff – like life!

Our discussion about sneaky marketing HERE


Until I get it figured out. Until it becomes a habit. Then it takes a LOT LESS TIME.

I’ll get there. So will you. If we just don’t quit.

My friend's husband on a rock. Quote by me. Cos I can.
My friend’s husband on a rock. Quote by me. Cos I can.

I’m petty enough to admit that his success bothers me because he’s not that much more talented than I am. But he sure is outworking me. Shame on me for letting somebody outwork me. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, and for years he sweated away at a job while writing in his “spare” time – sound familiar?

He wanted it more.

He got it.

He’s busting ass to keep it.


I gotta up my game.

I’m human. You’ll see that in these pages. You’ll read about my struggles and you’ll share my successes. AND I’LL SHARE YOURS. We’re in this together, and we ain’t quitting.

See my humanness HERE

Phone calls

and HERE

The Lincoln Navigator


I know you can. I believe it enough for both of us.

When you’re tired

and the ideas aren’t flowing

and the shit is coming down so hard you need a hat,

I’m here for ya.

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He looks like he knows something, carrying that computer around, doesn’t he?
He looks like he knows something, carrying that computer around, doesn’t he?

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3 thoughts on “A Blog To Hate

  1. This is a great reminder that so much of an author’s success depends on how hard we’re willing to work for it. Writing a book is a huge challenge, but I’m beginning to think it’s the easiest part of being an indie author/publisher.

    I thought I knew what I was getting into when I started down this path, but there is so much more to it than I could have ever imagined. The indie community is filled with so many helpful people, like you, who truly want to help other authors find their way through the jungle.

    Every new thing I learn, every new hurdle I make it over brings a sense of accomplishment unlike any I’ve felt in other careers. (and I’ve tried quite a few) That feeling is what drives me to work harder and set more aggressive goals for myself.

    Those of us who are serious about making it know what it’s like to push ourselves until there’s nothing left to give. We work well into the night and wake up before the crack of dawn to get back at it. Succeed or fail, it all falls to us; and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    You are probably the hardest working person I know, and you’re a talented writer. Your day will come. Hopefully soon, because you deserve it! I believe in you, and I know you’re always there for me!… Thank you for that!

  2. “Writing a book is a huge challenge, but I’m beginning to think it’s the easiest part of being an indie author”

    You nailed it.

    i’ll reply to the rest of your comments in an upcoming blog post. Check back soon!

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