How To Write A Query Letter That Lands An Agent

One of the instructors at the Florida Writer’s conference was Molli Nickell, She’s a scream. VERY funny lady, and very talented.

Molli Nickell
Molli Nickell

Molli worked for 30 years as a Time Life Editor and publisher.

She was the one making the decision about which writers received the “thanks but no thanks” rejection letter!

Hmm... maybe she could help me in my writer quest.
Hmm… maybe she could help me in my writer quest.

She’s doing a free webinar on QUERY LETTERS and I’ll be watching/attending (do you attend a webinar?) and SO SHOULD YOU.

And, no, I don’t get a cut of the tally or anything. I LIKE her. She can teach you important stuff, and she’s NICE.

I was skeptical about Molli when I went to the conference, but she’s all right. She’s a sweet, funny lady with a lot of knowledge and she’s extremely helpful and willing to “hold your hand” as a new author. This thing is free; I’m sure she’ll charge for other ones down the road, but I signed up and I want you to, too.

Here’s the link

Here’s more about Molli and the event. I don’t think you have to be a FWA memer to do it, per the video in her link at the bottom.

MOLLI NICKELL is a former publisher, Time-Life editor, UCLA writing instructor, speaker, and 6x published NF author. She guides clients through the publishing maze as they learn to craft effective marketing documents which include a compelling email subject line, quick-read query letter, and professional book proposal. Her book, “WRITE RIGHT: Don’t shoot yourself in the foot” teaches non-fiction and fiction writers how to mature their work from “rookie” to “pro” to “published” before they launch their agent quest.


• Saturday, August 15, 2015
• Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT


• You will need a computer with internet access and speakers for audio
• Login information for the event will be sent to all registered participants two weeks before the webinar.


• FREE for FWA members because this is our pilot webinar. In return, we will ask for your feedback to help us improve future events.
• This event is capped at 100 attendees


Complete and submit the form to sign up for Write a Query that Lands an Agent!
Here’s the link where Molli talks about not needing to be a FWA member

I met this lady. I don’t do plugs for just anything. I signed up. You should, too.

See ya there.

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USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

11 thoughts on “How To Write A Query Letter That Lands An Agent

  1. Dan, registration requires an FWA membership number. I’d love it if you would blog on her advice based on the workshop you attended, since I am currently working on a query letter for the novel I’m ready to sub.


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  2. Glenda, I know it says that, but if you watch the video (on her page), she says you don’t have to be a FWA member. I just joined FWA and I don’t have a member number yet, and it took my registration.

    Try it. Watch the video I have the link at the very bottom of the post.


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