Social Media SUCKS!!!

tweet for smI have mentioned on several occasions that I like to bring up my Twitter analytics, and look at what the most popular tweet was from the prior day.

(We recently discussed why you need a Facebook Author page, HERE)

It almost always has a picture, so armed with that information, I send the highest rated tweet, or the most liked one, or most retweeted, to my Instagram account. (I send my blog post automatically to my Facebook author page. Make things easy on yourself if you can.)

Today, on a whim, I looked at probably the last 30 or 45 days of tweets. OK, I was avoiding getting on the treadmill, I admit it.

How you are made to feel if not utilizing every form of social media.
How you are made to feel if not utilizing every form of social media.

There are some tweets that get bounced around the cybersphere and end up getting 3000 and 4000 impressions because they’re still going strong weeks and weeks later.

RT that crap!

(Learn what famous authors do HERE)

It’s not hugely important, but it’s not a bad idea to look at those every once in a while – and look at what your top 10 tweets were over last 90 days combined or so, to see what they have in common and create new tweets that are geared like the really popular ones.

They’ll do well with have almost zero time investment on a busy day.

Surprisingly, we are about to have another record Twitter traffic day today because of a picture I tweeted out from Sea World yesterday. A lot of people liked it, about 60 of them, and favorited it or retweeted it, but a lot of other people did not like it and were Sea World-bashing with that same picture. (Sad but true. They could not let a five year old girl enjoy a dolphin, they had to say to Sea World murders babies. Go figure.) Expect some puppy pics or more dolphins soon, when I’m swamped.

How you feel if you try to utilize EVERY form of social media.
How you feel if you try to utilize EVERY form of social media.

Anyway, over the last 90 days, some of the other high-volume tweets were very simple messages with a nice little picture that got a lot of people to follow me on Twitter or check out my website.

That’s something you should look into.

Whatever social media (SM) you enjoy, at east copy it onto one you feel like you should be using and have some sort of presence there. If it starts to work, I guarantee you’ll like that SM more.

(Stay motivated! HERE are some thoughts on how.)

Positive reinforcement works on us author types.

A visual representation of you and your new
A visual representation of you and your new “don’t worry, be happy” stance on SM.

Get after it. It’s pretty simple. If I can figure it out, so can you.


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Your humble host.
Your humble host.

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6 thoughts on “Social Media SUCKS!!!

  1. I need your help with CNN, Dan. Try calling them 10 times tomorrow. Read my blog tomorrow. Not even the Govenor of Ohio, running for Prez, will make a comment. They are all chickens except Trump. Bad mistake by CNN last week and no one wants to talk about the disrespect of the National Anthem. Unreal. Help Dan! Read my two other blogs first. Third one coming tomorrow.

    Nice job writing again today, Dan.

  2. Hi Dan, I know that I am in the minority these days, but I call it (anti)-social media. I think that it does suck which is why I don’t subscribe to it. 🙂 I prefer to visit my blogger friends and set a spell. I know it sounds ungrateful, but I noticed this morning that you are following me. I am chuffed, but it would be nice if you also admired one of my children and commented. Then I would know why.

  3. It may have been you comment about the class you took and “I took a writing course. I was the only person in the class who didn’t have a manuscript clutched to my bosom.”

    I said, that lady may have few things to teach me.

    As for antisocial media, hey, it’s a boring place if everybody here agrees. For those that want to play this game, there are ways to do it so that’s easier. For those who don’t – also great. I totally get it, and good for you for taking that stand!

  4. I really enjoyed this one and enjoy the fact you are following my blog. I find I’m so damn busy I don’t have the time to do all the smart stuff you outline here. I will I promise. Someday. Maybe. When I stop writing. No, wait that’s not going to happen. Thanks for all the advice.

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