Phone calls

Every time the phone rings, my daughter says, “That’s Mommy! I will get it!”  The home phone makes a unique ring noise when it’s Mommy, so I know it’s not her. My daughter hasn’t figured that out yet.  “That’s Mommy!”  “No, it isn’t.”  “It is.”  “It isn’t, trust me.”  “It is.”  “No, it’s not.”  “ItContinue reading “Phone calls”

The First Rule of Wine Making And Maybe of Writing Books

The hardest part or being an author is being a marketer. All authors know people who have different jobs (construction, medical, whatever) and they say, I’m writing a book, or I have an idea I think would make a great book. Most of the time those books don’t get written. So for those people, writingContinue reading “The First Rule of Wine Making And Maybe of Writing Books”

What Makes A Person A Friend?

What makes a person a friend? My daughter has a little playmate, another little girl her age. Let’s call the other little girl Nancy. They are the same height and they were born about a month apart. They see each other once a week if they are lucky, since we all have busy schedules, butContinue reading “What Makes A Person A Friend?”

I’m A Beautiful Princess!

“I’m a beautiful princess!”  “I’m a beautiful princess!” “I’m… I’m a beautiful princess!” “I’m  a  beautiful  princess!!!” “I’m a beautiful princess!” “I’m a beautiful princess!”  “I’m  a  beautiful  princess!!!”   Somebody got new pajamas tonight.    “I’m  a  beautiful  princess!!!” “I’m  a  beautiful  princess!!!” “I’m  a  beautiful  princess!!!”   They’re princess pajamas.     “I’mContinue reading “I’m A Beautiful Princess!”