The GENIUS of Having Three Baby Showers – selected from Savvy Stories, chapter 3

We got the baptism part all squared away, and like good parents, we settled in for the task of parenting the new baby.

That means lots of new purchases of stuff you didn’t think of during the three (yes, three) baby showers we held.

Personally, I thought having three showers was a stroke of genius.

One baby shower would be for all the local relatives – Michele’s family, mostly, and her close friends – and we would hold that shower at our house. Big shindig, lots of people, lots of presents.

The second shower was for work people and a select few repeat relatives and friends, so as not to give away that this was a second shower. Since she had worked at the same place for most of her career, there were plenty of people there who would want to come to a shower. And we wanted them to come! But you know, you can’t cut loose in front of the work crowd these days the way you can in front of your family and close friends. So a second shower was arranged, and it would be a Michele’s mom’s house.

The third shower was more of a “so you don’t feel left out” kind of thing, to take place in my home town in Ohio. I had plenty of brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins who wouldn’t be coming to Florida for the baby showers, but who I wanted to still be a part of the festivities. So we would fly up there and have a shower in what is now my brother’s house, the house I grew up in.

It was perfect. Three showers, three times the presents.



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