Savvy Stories Chapter 3: First Months Post Wednesday October 9, 2013

I knew there was a way to get my kid rebaptized (or something) into the Catholic Church. Maybe it would just cost more. Turns out, when I sat down with our local parish priest, that they will do an “acceptance” of the other church’s baptism, so when all the other kids are getting thrown inContinue reading “Savvy Stories Chapter 3: First Months Post Wednesday October 9, 2013”

Savvy Stories Chapter 3: First Months, Post Tuesday October 8, 2013

Oh, my kid got baptized all right, and it counts, but the Catholic Church doesn’t just do a redo for the crowd. My bad. I was horrified. I had called over to our church to arrange the second baptism when I was unceremoniously informed that “we don’t do that.” I almost panicked, but since IContinue reading “Savvy Stories Chapter 3: First Months, Post Tuesday October 8, 2013”

Savvy Stories Chapter 3: First Months

  Post Monday October 7, 2013 I promised myself that this wouldn’t be a tedious rerun of old Flintstone stories and other done-to-death sitcoms TV shows where the new dad is a bumbling stooge around the baby, and it won’t be. I hope. But the scatteredness of the following chapter reflects just how sleep deprivedContinue reading “Savvy Stories Chapter 3: First Months”

bad eclairs

I made eclairs!  I don’t know why, but I have been wanting to make eclairs from scratch for months now. So I did. I think I saw part of a cooking show that made it look easy to make eclairs. It’s not. But I tried it anyway.  And you know what I found out?  TheyContinue reading “bad eclairs”

Disney Princess

At what age does meeting a Disney princess stop being a big deal for a little girl?  Last year, when my daughter was 2 1/2 she met Cinderella on a Disney cruise. It blew her mind! The storybook princess, her favorite, brought to life and talking to her – you could see it was anContinue reading “Disney Princess”

Phone calls

Every time the phone rings, my daughter says, “That’s Mommy! I will get it!”  The home phone makes a unique ring noise when it’s Mommy, so I know it’s not her. My daughter hasn’t figured that out yet.  “That’s Mommy!”  “No, it isn’t.”  “It is.”  “It isn’t, trust me.”  “It is.”  “No, it’s not.”  “ItContinue reading “Phone calls”

The Lincoln Navigator

I drive a black Lincoln Navigator. If you have one, and ever see another one in traffic, pull up right behind it and follow it for a few miles. Other cars start to get out of your way. They don’t think the President is in town, but they are pretty sure they don’t want anyContinue reading “The Lincoln Navigator”

The First Rule of Wine Making And Maybe of Writing Books

The hardest part or being an author is being a marketer. All authors know people who have different jobs (construction, medical, whatever) and they say, I’m writing a book, or I have an idea I think would make a great book. Most of the time those books don’t get written. So for those people, writingContinue reading “The First Rule of Wine Making And Maybe of Writing Books”

What Makes A Person A Friend?

What makes a person a friend? My daughter has a little playmate, another little girl her age. Let’s call the other little girl Nancy. They are the same height and they were born about a month apart. They see each other once a week if they are lucky, since we all have busy schedules, butContinue reading “What Makes A Person A Friend?”

Sunday Driver

I was driving to Savvy’s cousin’s 2nd birthday party, which was being held at her grandma’s house, and even though it’s a short drive, I’m running late and trying to hurry. The speed limits on the streets between here and there are pretty moderate, but for some reason traffic was a little backed up. UpContinue reading “Sunday Driver”

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