The importance of having some OTHER person review your manuscript

Dan AlatorreI love my beta readers, and because I do, I want them to get the cleanest MS (manuscript) possible – so I stated using a proofreader. This is fairly new to me; my betas used to catch all my typos.

Whether your betas catch them or a proofreader, an editor – let’s face it: when you write 50,000 words (or 80k or 100k) THERE ARE GOING TO BE TYPOS.

I looked at the following passage after the proofreader sent it back with an error flagged.

I looked at it a few times – I couldn’t see the error.

It was only because she pointed it out with a comment that I saw what I’d written.

Time wrap up this party

should be

time to wrap up this party



Well sure, YOU can see it – but I didn’t. Because I knew what I wrote. My eye saw the right words and my brain read them, even though they weren’t there.

That’s … annoying.

But it’s a lesson for all of us. OTHERS can see our mistakes better than we can, so encourage people to find them in your MS and point them out – including readers. Why not? We’re all human. I’ve seen typos in traditionally published paperbacks of major authors’ works. It happens.

It’ll happen less if you get people to help you.

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