Authors, Beware of this online scheme from convicted felon Wid Bastian

Hey, Dan.

This is the email that I got from him. He sent me some messages on LinkedIn and said that he had an offer for me, to check my email. Just so that you know what his most recent pitch is as of yesterday. If it helps in some way, I’m all about it. Feel free to use this anyway that you want.

I blocked him, and checked off the reporting scam box. Not sure what happens next.


Non victim

Message from convicted felon Wid Bastian as he canvasses LinkedIn for new victims. (Note how he misattributes a quote to Ben Franklin when it is actually from  Xun Kuang.)

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”


I’m Wid Bastian. The quote in the title bar is from Ben Franklin. It conveys a profound truth – the best way to impart knowledge is to not only teach someone what to do but also to meaningfully engage them in the process of learning.

Do you have an effective, repeatable system for marketing your eBooks? If so, congrats and ignore this message. But if you’re still searching for an eBook promotion method that produces results then I can help.

I saw your profile on Linked In so I reached out. I sent you a Linked In connect request. I’ve peeked at the three books you have published on Amazon. Great reviews on Etched in Granite. I can help you, MJ. You have the talent to build a solid literary brand.

Since 2014, as a promoter, I’ve helped dozens of authors just like you build their literary brands and increase their income by applying proven, core principles that work long term. Ready to learn these principles and techniques and put yourself on a path to success?

Here’s how it works…

I promote four books for you over two weeks. I’ll share with you exactly how I promote – the SEO involved (book descriptions, keywords, categories) – where I promote (the best online blogs and platforms to use and how to rank these platforms) – and exactly what to do to bolster your promotions on social media. My promos will result in thousands of downloads, a nice boost in sales and great exposure. But far more importantly, by participating in the process you’ll learn exactly how to do this on your own.

While I still promote for a few select clients, my focus now is on teaching authors how to promote themselves. No one is more invested in your success than you are. I’ll show you how to immediately increase your downloads, sales and KENP income. Not in theory, not through some longwinded lecture or complicated online course, but rather by applying simple and powerful strategies to your book lineup.

Your net cost for this program could be zero. Why? You’ll definitely earn income from the promotions I run for you. For most authors, their net cost ends up being $300 or less for me to teach them how to build a literary brand and make money long term through doing what they love, writing books.

Want to know more? Message me back. I’ll provide all the details. This is me – Wid’s Linked In profile .


Wid Bastian

During this process, you’ll be required to turn over your passwords and other information for your Amazon account, which includes things like your address, bank account, Social Security number. Phone number, contacts…

You should never turn these things over to anyone.

Dozens of authors have complained about being ripped off by this individual, Who served over 10 years in prison.

Complaints on this individual have been referred to numerous state attorney generals around the United States, as well as complaints for fraud filed with the FBI and income tax evasion to the IRS.

He is currently filing for bankruptcy in Utah and has been ordered to pay over $3 million to clients he embezzled from in a prior scheme. 

Published by Dan Alatorre AUTHOR

USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

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