130 Ways to say WALKED and 12 ways to say LOOK

Can you guess what I’m doing today? Getting rid of crutch words in the MS.

The LOOK family.

Peer, peek, inspected, viewed, checked, glimpse, glance, surveyed, read, stared, glared, Eyeing, watch*

The WALK family/STEP

Stepped = walk, moved to, sauntered, sashayed, ambled, lumbered, limped, strutted, stride, sprinted, raced, ran, jumped, leaped, thrust, pushed, trudged, pranced, dance, dash, slog, accompanied, advanced, amble, approach, barge, boot, bounces, brush, burst, careen, canter, clump, clomp, crawl, creep, danced, dart, dash, dawdle, escort, exercises, falter, filed, flounders, forge, gimps, glides, goes, goose step, hasten, hike, hobble, hop, hoof it, hurry, jog, lead, limp, loiter, lumber, lurch, march, meander, mosey, move, navigate, pace, pad, paddle, parading, patrol, pitter patter, plod, prance, proceed, promenade, prowl, race, ramble, reeling, roam, rove, run, rush, sashay, saunter, scramble, scurry, shuffle, skip, slink, slither, slog, soar, sprint, sneak, stalk, step, sidestep, stamp, stomp, storm, stride, stroll, strut, stumble, stagger, swagger, tiptoe, titter totter, tour, tramp, tromp, traverse, tread, track, trek, troop, trod, trot, trudge, wade, wander, waddle, zip

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