80,400 words and 8 weeks later, TERMINAL SEQUENCE is complete!

Dan AlatorreOn November 22, 2019, at about 9am, I started work on Terminal Sequence.

Today, just over 8 weeks later, it is COMPLETE!

Terminal Sequence is complete but not finalized. I have to add a few lines here and there, proofread it, check it for crutch words, and send it to betas, but this is the completed story.
(I’ll start going through it tomorrow, making the necessary tweaks before asking you to read it.)
80k written 8 weeks, with time off for Christmas and a trip to the mountains, where I didn’t touch it (except for one day for about two hours  because I felt guilty for slacking off.)
If I subtract the week of vacation and at least a week around Christmas, it was written in about six weeks – but why would I subtract those weeks? They happened, and my mind was on the work, tweaking it mentally.
What’s next?
Should there be a 4th book in The Gamma Sequence series?
I have some short horror story collections you’ll be seeing first, while I think about it.
Stay tuned.

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