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USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

7 thoughts on “GUEST AUTHOR OF THE WEEK: Dan Alatorre

  1. Hi Dan and all.
    First, thanks Dan for your incredible awesome interview. Your answers were wonderfully open, honest, and that’s so very refreshing.
    Next, thanks for sharing here onto your blog.
    Thanks in advance to all of you who click on over to campbellsworld to read.
    If you like, be sure to let us know, and please give a share.

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      1. I’ve sat down and reread your interview again. I did so because I wanted to enjoy it totally from the reader’s point of view.

        So many times people dampen down their answers, afraid to allow themselves to shine even though interviews and the like are designed to make us shine. I was so glad you are not afraid to shine.

        When I went years ago to get my first guide dog, I had real trouble believing in myself. My trainer taught me that if I didn’t believe in myself and present myself as such no one else would believe in me.

        Same goes for our writing. If it isn’t good to us, why on earth would anyone else want to read it?

        Another thing I enjoyed was the advice you gave about writing. With those things you wrote in mind, I went back over the first 10 chapters of a manuscript I’m working on, and it made a huge difference in the way I approached them. I got rid of some things, added others, and had a grand time doing so.

        I used to be intimidated by you, now, I’m just totally inspired.

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          1. Well, that was the old me.

            I shoved her under the rug rolled her up and tossed her out long ago.

            My first book wasn’t all that great, I was green and new and knew little.

            The second book was as are all of them better. Then I grew more and I’m doing a second edition of the first and writing two more to go with it to make a trilogy which will blow anything I’ve written before out of the water.

            I’ve also found I truly love reading other’s work and writing book reviews.

            Finding one’s toe hold is very important, and I’m learning to climb.

            Your work is incredible, and I’m a picky reader. I find myself reading authors I’ve loved for years ripping their work up and wishing I could talk to them and ask them what on earth they’re thinking. LOL.

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