Need some input

Need some input.

The following blurb describes a 10,000 word story I’m thinking about releasing as part of a horror short story series. Each book in the series would have a different topic.

The question is, can I call it what I want to call it or do I have to call it something else?

Two possible titles:

A. A house by the lake

B. The Jemwaju

Here’s the blurb.

Give me your thoughts!

The Jemwaju

A man tags along to a remote Florida lake site after agreeing to let his friend’s scout troop use his RV for a weekend of clearing trees for a new cabin, but the spirit of an ancient shaman awaits there, requiring payment for past sins.

Published by Dan Alatorre AUTHOR

USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

19 thoughts on “Need some input

  1. The House by Dark Lake or something where you name the lake and make it sound spooky

    The House by Jemwaju Lake

    What Happened at the House on Jemwaju Lake – already tells readers that something happened and it probably isn’t good

    It Happened at Jemwaju Lake

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      1. Yes, I have to look up B.

        I like “Lake.” I’ve read a true horror story “in” the lake some years ago. Something by the Lake or Something Lake or Lake Something could be mysterious also.

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  2. I’d go with B ( it sounds like the monster in Alice in wonder land , The Jabberwocky . And there are already a million story’s with a cabin in the woods

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  3. I love The Jemwaju, it spoke to me immediately and therefore I would pick it up to read. As a veteran of reading horror, age 12 onwards, I would read the blurb, the title and the pic and want to read more.

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