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I’ll admit, I love sharing a great review.

Double Blind, available only through a 99-cent limited edition box set with 20+ other mystery books, is kicking serious butt.

People who love murder mysteries are loving this book.
People who don’t usually read murder mysteries are amazed by the terrific story.
You should totally get a copy while it’s only 99 cents, and if you email me your receipt, I’ll send you an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) that you can read now – which leaves you 20 other books in the box set to still enjoy when it releases at the end of November!

But don’t take MY word for how good Double Blind is.

Here’s another ARC reader gushing over Double Blind. (Note the time.)


“Excellent story.

Enjoyed it immensely, especially the ending. How can you tell?

I’m writing this at 1:56am because I got to a certain point and couldn’t stop reading until it was done.

I absolutely HAD to find out how it ended.

Lots of twist and turns, most of which you don’t see coming. And even when you do see them coming, they don’t lead where you think.

Keeps you guessing until the end, a really good read.”

Gang, if you haven’t read Double Blind yet, what are you waiting for? The price to go up? Because it will.
Grab your copy now, send me the receipt, and start reading Double Blind today.
aaa Tyree 3D book cover v 2 - BLIND is bigger


Two detectives hunt a serial killer.

The killer’s hunting them.

A lone trucker is ambushed, shot, and brutally stabbed. A tourist meets the same fate while out for a jog. Facing two crime scenes that could have come from a horror movie, Detectives Carly Sanderson and Sergio Martin search for the crazed serial killer. Five more attacks happen in a week, launching the entire city into a panic, causing the mayor to throw all of the city’s resources into stopping the rampage. But while the detectives work around the clock, they don’t know the killer has upped the game—by making them his next targets.

Fans of Lee Child, Michael Connelly, Robert Dugoni and Jeff Carson will LOVE Double Blind!

Order your copy HERE

Published by Dan Alatorre AUTHOR

USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

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